Monday, July 27, 2015

Finished Cot Quilt and Knitting.

 Folded up and ready to be stored in the cupboard for just a few weeks. 

 It's raining out side so all I could do at this stage for a photo was say, " Hold this up please." It is straight and square even though it doesn't look it here. Holder has a recovering from surgery  shoulder so I had to be quick. You'll get the idea anyway. I am very pleased with how this went together - no hassles. The quilting is very simple to keep it nice and puffy.
 It is a generous sized cot quilt, for Little Honey when he arrives.
 My latest knitting I am liking, it's soft and cuddly. It is a Debbie Bliss pattern from the her book Ecobaby. ( hers made in cotton mine in Merino wool.)
 The darker grey is Waikiwi 55% Merino; 20 % nylon; 15% alpaca; 10% possum. The lighter shade is Baby Natural 100% NZ wool merino - rare breeds Arapawa fleece.
 Knitted on 3.25 and 3mm needles. 4 ply.
 It has a garter stitch inset at the neck which folds over as a collar and little garter stitch edging that makes a split at the bottom edge when sewn up. I've knitted the 9 -12 month size.
 Tonight I will start the sleeves.

 Till then though as it is raining I need to spend all day in the office. Doing accounts; sorting; filing ;tidying - discarding - plenty of scope.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maybe Spring is not Far Away?

2 beautiful, clear blue sky days. Yesterday I had to be inside at a meeting but today I both sat and sewed in the sun for half an hour and also walked in the sun. Quite a privilege.
 I just spotted that the new Daphne I got with a gift voucher from my young ones is going to flower, even though it is quite tiny.
 Also happy soaking up the sun are some wee violas friends arrived with last week. I planted them out where they would get nearly full sun to give them the best chance.Cute faces!
 The Quilting is done and this means......
 The binding is half sewn on. I need hand stitching to take with me to P & Q tomorrow so I put half the binding on. The rest is cut ready.
 While sitting in the sun I hand stitched down a trial corner to see how I liked it. I do.

 This wee cardigan and beanie got finished. I like it too and it's lovely and soft.
 I have now started a Debbie Bliss striped jersey in a bigger size.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Knitting, Digging and Gift.

While the electrician was here yesterday I cast on the stitches for this wee V necked cardigan. I am using Amuri (made in NZ ) 75% merino 25% possum in 4 ply. It is so soft and luxurious, but will need to be hand washed.
 So far I have made good progress.
 Yesterday was also a day for several unexpected visitors. My cousin  J came to visit and gave me a lovely late Birthday gift. It is a fabulous scarf made by Barbara Wilson ( Hand Weaving specialist )at the Mt.
 A close up. Here it looks quite pink but is actually red. I am going to get lots of wear out of it and it is soft around the neck, so great for me. ( I don't like itchy ) 

 2 days ago we had this Dingo in to lay a new  a water pipe line.
 A real boys' toy.
 It also had a small blade that fills it in again.
 R then tidied up with our tractor and the job was done.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Taking Shape.

 Quilt progress has been made.

 Blocks for  the first 4 rows ready on the table.
 Then joined ( the 4 on the right ) and the next 2 assembled.
 There are 9 rows of blocks in all.

 The little apple green blanket got finished last Sunday and went home  with the parents to be, along with the bag of booties and beanies I'd finished.

In the orchard the Avocado trees had some pruning done to let more light in. Then this beast came along to mulch the cut off branches up.
 See it spitting the comped up wood into the big  red bucket. It then distributed it under the trees as mulch. ( a few of next years avos did get lost in the process but it's for the greater good.)
 The mulching machine can be remotely controlled. Here it is following it's driver down the driveway back to it's truck.
 Across the road from us a neighbour has 2 little Kuni Kuni pigs, called Maisy and Tallulah.
 I now know they are named after characters in the children's books by Lucy Cousins. ( where Maisy is a female mouse and Tallulah is a female chicken ). 
 If we have any special left overs or delectable scraps R has been taking them over for the piggies. One of course is always greedy.
 One keeps getting out near the road so it might not have a good ending.
 I will have to try for some better photos the light here makes them hard to see.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Projects I am Working On.

Thank you all for the Greetings on my last post.

I am currently working on a baby quilt using a lovely, very easy to follow pattern I found on     It is on the list of free patterns.( on the right )  Little Leapfrog. The pattern was designed by Janeen Getz. Thank you Janeen.
 This little owl fabric is the only pictorial fabric I am using. It has the colour palette I am using.
 These fabrics I am very happy with.
 The other 3 I need might come from this group  below, but I am not sure about them
 I might go back to the cupboard and pull out some more.
 I have made the pieced blocks in the owl fabric and the beautiful turquoise blue and am doing the green spot now.
 The binding will be the blue, I have lots of it. I think the white background fabric will make it look light and bright.
 I am also knitting a blanket . The pattern is in a Debbie Bliss book Eco baby. Hers done in cotton, mine in wool . Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, which is soft and snugly.
 It is a simple block pattern with a twisted 2 stitches between the change. The colour is a bit more green than it shows here. I am 3/4 finished as it is easy knitting with rows of 166 stitches - they only just fit on the needles.

 Every day we have families of quail walk across the garden. Yesterday we counted 89. ( some of that number here ) It's not easy to get a photo without disturbing them.
 We had our first light frost this morning but it is now a clear although crisp sunny morning.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wellington Holiday.

The first couple of days in Wellington were fine and bright but then the wind got up and being out and about was not so much fun. We stayed at the James Cook Grand Chancellor Hotel which is right in the city and has a lift that deposits one straight onto Lambton Quay We mainly walked everywhere and took a couple of taxis to further away places.
  We spent my big Birthday with members of my side of the family. Some travelled down from the Rangitikei to be with us for long lunch on the day - Sunday 7th . We ate at the Crab Shack down on Queen's Wharf. Later my nephew and his wife who live and work in the capital drove us around the sights.

We spent a whole day at Te Papa the National Museum. My time was spent on the 5th level which has the Art Gallery and a display of Tivaevae manu ( appliqué quilts ).

This was my favourite made by the late Jasmine Underhill. The pattern by her Aunt is called puarata flower.
 2 more I liked.

 We also visited the Air New Zealand History display and rode in the simulator.

 The Gallipoli display is the main attraction at Te Papa at the moment
 The scenes and figures are all larger than life ( 1.6  I think ) and realistic down to the veins under the skin, the sweat and the individual hairs on the body. Made by Weta Workshop and Peter Jackson they are almost too realistic.

 Lottie Le Calais.
 The display included ration packs, flies all over everything including food, wounds and the latrines. The sound effects were also very realistic.
This display like every other at the museum are free and very worth the visit.

We went on a tour at Weta Wokshop.

 3 of these fellows greet you outside. Photograhy wasn't allowed on the tour.
 The part I found most interesting was Kim Beaton working on a project using Pal Tiya. It is the ultimate permanent outdoor modelling clay, developed by her husband Woz.


 We rode the Cable car which climbs 120 metres in 5 minutes.
 Construction for the original started in 1899.
 We wanted to walk right around the Botanical gardens but the wind and skiffs of drizzle sent us into the cable car museum then back down to the city again, where we spent time in Unity Bookshop.
 We had lovely meals at Logan Brown - a present from R and Boulcott Street Bistro a present from the young ones. But the best Coffee  I had while away came from Bordeaux Bakery. I had lovely hot soup there on the way back from visiting Nancy's Embroidery on Thorndon Quay. They told me the coffee beans come from Borneo.

 We came back earlier than planned as the weather was against our other plans. Unfortunately I came back with a sore throat and cough by the time we got home. Too many public spaces and places probably. ( especially when 10 people cram into a lift )
 We enjoyed our short holiday away, but it is always nice to be home, with the fire going,  when the weather is nasty.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Bonfire,Quilts and Knitting.

This last week has been the right time to light the bonfire of big old tree stumps and branches that were no good for firewood.( We are trying to clear this area so it can be sown in grass and kept mown in the future )( The photos are all a bit smoky. )
 R used the tractor to push it together as it burnt. I poked dry sticks in as extra fuel. 
 R , laid a hose from the house down the bank and wet down surrounding dry growth as a precaution. We had  sacks in the nearby creek wetting ready and a bucket, but none were needed.
 The rain has now put it out. It did not all burn as some old stumps had dirt attached. It will dry for a while and be moved by the tractor and relit in the future.


 I completed this little quilt top in Jacob's Ladder design.( 34" x 34 " ) It is quite tiny. I used all the small squares I had cut but may decide to enlarge it in the future.
 I finished this wee mauve jersey. It just needs 2 buttons sewn on the shoulder opening. I liked the pattern and the different ribbing design. The wee grey beanie has a picot edging.
 I have now started a little sleeveless wrap in blue. The merino wool felt really soft in the ball but not so soft once it is knitted.So far it is going okay but is a pattern new to me.

We are managing to take a few days holiday. We are heading South, by car this time. We will pack lots of warm things . We are getting quite a variety of temperatures here and know it will be colder down there.
 Thanks for your concern about my eye. It has been totally fine . We went for our 2 year eye checks last week and my sight has not deteriorated so that is a saving and also reassuring. I can keep wearing my same glasses.