Friday, August 17, 2018

A New Family Member.

Finally rid of our nasty bugs we got to visit the Big Smoke yesterday and meet first hand our new Grandson.  He was born last week. A tiny wee brother for Grandson who you have recently seen here on this blog when he was flying a kite.
 This is my favourite photo I took. Son was holding him and  big Grandson was talking to him so he was listening and looking where the voice was coming from. We  are very pleased to have 2 lovely grandsons. 

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Many Different Views.

Today it is overcast and misty giving us quite different views from the house.
 This is from the lounge door. 
 On a finer day this pic looks up the valley from the top steps.

The clumps of daffodils are a bright splash of colour 

This lot Molly with the avocado tree behind them.
See it is quite large.  As we know what to do with avos we will prune it into a vase shape to let more light in and reduce the overall height.
I picked some of the first blossom from the flowering Cherry ( Pink Cloud  - 3 of those ). It came out quickly inside in the vase.The trees have a real red tinge and will shortly burst forth.

 You know I like taking photos of mailboxes well this is ours...the one with the red flag up.
( no scruffy boxes allowed obviously ) 
 These of course equate to how many homes are in out small subdivision.

 I got my knitting out yesterday. Hurrah!!. Feels really good to be knitting again. I made rapid progress. Just the sleeves to do now.
 I think my cold is on the way out -seems better today. Having to stay in in the warm so here's hoping.

Monday, July 30, 2018

New Place.

Signs of warmer days to come in our new garden.
Grandson ( 2 years 10 months ) has gone home ( after 9 days )  last Friday afternoon but enjoyed exploring the new surroundings despite having a nasty cold....which I caught from him just when I thought I was coming right.
 I have zero energy at the moment. R has caught it too!
One very windy day we tried our hand at flying this little kite. ( his Dad flies big ones so he had the general idea. ) 
 We used the beach toys to do a little digging in the garden around one of the cherry trees. There are 7.( 4 different varieties. )

I can't say I am adjusting very fast. This place still feels very strange( and often inconvenient ) to me.
 When the sun shines in it is super warm. When it doesn't and in the long windowless hall it is very cool. I don't know why I got it out but I went back to the large coloured brochure advertising this property and I can see by the photos they took at least one wall heater with them. - that explains why one room is cold.

 The kid's playground needs a lot of repair to make it safe for an almost 3 year old.

 The neighbours are friendly and invited us to go out with them last Friday - hope they didn't get cold germs off us.
Things don't fit well in what is to be my sewing room so I will have to change furniture. We were more lucky here in the office where the computer is. It is a small snug room and the 2 filing cabinets and computer desk fitted with not a centimetre to spare. 
 I also like having a large ( first ever ) walk in wardrobe.
 The other thing I am pleased with is a very generous sized hot water / airing / linen cupboard.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

At Our New Place

Hi,My blogging Friends
 We we have made our move and it was totally exhausting. I had little idea it was going to be so stressful, but after 40 years in one place I guess we had a lot of stuff to go through and probably came here with far too much of it ; we'll see
 The first photo is from the very bottom of our property  I am standing on the little jetty looking North
 The garden is 6152 square metres this is the flat bottom bit .There are 4 terraces one sloping the others more or less flat.

The 3rd sloping part is covered with fruit trees which I assure you are standing up I just had my camera upside down. I will go into the range of fruit trees in more detail when I am sure about them but there is plenty of citrus and 4 avocados ( yeah ! ) and a walnut - to make me feel at home here. There are also apples plums etc. 
 Yesterday we went shopping and got some of the things we need , like 4 doormats 2 more heaters as so far we have found it cold. We ordered a couple more pieces of furniture to house my good china and glass and some new dining chairs..
 We are also replacing the dishwasher as it does not dry and has only one option and leaves soap behind - so that has to go. There will be lots of other changes I expect. 
 If I never see another large cardboard carton that has to be emptied I'll be glad. The movers came back for the empty boxes today so that has freed up space .
 Lots more to tell as I explore..

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Moving Right Along.

Yesterday  morning we spent an hour at our lawyers signing documents. At 4.45pm we went unconditional on the ( only ) property we wanted to buy.
The lawyers were holding us up trying to straighten out   some minutiae. We could see we were going to miss our 5 pm deadline so were stressing to the max. We asked in writing  ( email ) for them to send the money across to the seller's lawyer. We know the sellers as yet have nowhere to go and we did not want to give them the chance to call the whole thing off.
 It was a huge relief just before 5 to hear the money arrived and we were now committed to guying the property. Phew!
 Our new place which we will shift to in the first few days of next month  is only 2 kilometres away from here. It has a very large garden with lots of fruit trees and a little jetty at the bottom of the last part of sloping lawn. As soon as we get there I will show you lots of photos.
 Meanwhile I have been packing smaller fiddly things. Grandson ( now 2 years 8 months old ) will feel reassured that ALL the wooden vehicles are moving with us. Along with all the other toys and books. I bought 6 large Sistema plastic tubs for my fabric stash. That was the first thing I packed.There is of course lots of equipment and books as well in my sewing cupboard.

 My lovely Daphne bush has decided to flower now so I get to see it and I have picked some for the kitchen window sill.

 It will of course be staying put as will the waterlily bowl beside it. It has a crack that would not let it be transported without destroying itself.
 I will miss my garden very much but can look forward to seeing what comes up in the new one and then making some changes there. I know we will be enlarging the vegetable patch ( but at least it has one established ).

 The carpet got finished!

 Meanwhile I have had a birthday ( 7th ) and a nasty throat and cough which lasted 2 weeks went away then the cough came back and is still with me.
 Today R had a medical appointment so I went along and walked in the sunshine. Good thinking as it is now raining. I am sure 45 minutes Vit D must have helped. I am consuming  Vit C at an excessive rate and trying to get plenty of rest.....that part not working quite so well. Stress may have something to do with it too.
 Never mind things are moving along now and we are looking forward to our retirement.
 ( Will I still want to call this blog, The Quilting Orchardist? )

Monday, June 04, 2018

Finishing Well.

Finally, finally the kiwifruit picking happened last Thursday and Friday in fabulous fine weather - so lucky! Since then BOP has had appalling weather.
 A picker emptying his load into the bin. There were 2 ladies in the gang of 22 .
 They were a happy lot on the whole and worked very hard to make the most of the fine days. They have been having lots of down time this season because of the many, many rainy days.

 We had 4 tractors ;each tractor pulls a trailer that holds 3 bins. All our tractor drivers were older chaps one was 83! He did so well.
 Rob doing some adding up as they go.... Tallies must be accurate.
 The drivers levelling out the top of a full bin.

 The bin trailer gets tilted and the bins slide off as the tractor moves forward.
 The truckie talking to the forklift driver who stacks 3 bins high and lifts them into the truck.( 30 or 32 to a truck ) 

 We were happy with the bin tally. There was some sooty mould we knew that would show up but the fruit is big and the final dry matter test came out very high so that means the fruit will taste good.

 For us this is huge! This was the 36th Export crop of kiwifruit we have grown. We have lived here 40 years and planted it all when we arrived here. So our FINAL crop. we have sold the orchard. It becomes unconditional in 2 days time. The new young owners have been here watching and learning while  picking happened. They are very keen.

 Strangely the selling didn't prove to be the hard part as we thought....finding a new place to buy is far harder. There is one we really like but are not sure if our offer will be enough. I do so hope so cause we can find much else that suits our needs ( must have a workshop / shed and a sizeable garden for fruit and veges. ) that's the hard part there are lots of lovely houses with tiny sections.

 Other things. The carpet layer STILL hasn't come back to finish the part around the fireplace! 
 The new grass seed / lawn is looking fabulous . It's such a bright green colour.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Where Things are at Currently.

Thanks for your encouraging comments Julie ;Chooky; Linda; Loulee; Dianne and Janice, You gave me a little boost when I needed it.
 The Luculia tree is looking magnificent today. Although it is dropping leaves on the newly sprouted grass just below.
 #2  son made a creditable start to sorting out his stuff when down here at the weekend!
 Tuesday was the day we were to get new carpet laid in the lounge and office. Tuesday was also the day when we got 68mls of rain in quite a short time. In order to move the furniture we had to find places inside the house . The van bringing the new and taking away the old carpet was able to back into the carport and keep mostly dry.
 Luckily the dining room is tiles so the couches could be stacked on top of each other.
 Moving all the stuff in the office required some sorting and throwing by me the day before, so that all stands in good stead for if we move soon. We are pleased with the new carpet although it stinks of some sort of treatment so leaving the doors open when we can. I hope the smell goes soon.

 Selling. We have had quite a few people through and today for the first time a couple gave us their second offer in writing. We reduced the price a  little  and they came up a little.  So it may be looking quite promising.
 It is time consuming and exhausting mentally so last night I didn't sleep well ( but that's nothing new ).

 On the kiwifruit front Eurofins came in early today and took fruit samples to test so picking is not far away now. ( A silly time to be trying to sell but at least prospective buyers get to see this crop on the vines .)
 Absolutely no sewing but a little knitting; lots of cleaning, deciding, sorting and some boxing of books and glassware etc.