Thursday, October 19, 2017

Of Bees and Blossom.

We currently have 3 bee hives in our avocado block. Also in our area just across the road a bee keeper stores hives and some of those bees fly over and visit our trees.
 I took some photos of bees working for us. I was most interested in the flowers or blossoms that were going to produce fruit or nuts for us.

 Perhaps the most attractive flowers were on the feijoas which are just starting to bloom.
( feijoas are related to NZ pohutukawa or Christmas tree )
 No bees there but if fruit is set it will be pickable next April or May.

 Near by the apple tree was attracting some bees.
 It has quite a covering of blossom and it too might have apples ready next Autumn.
Rivalling the feijoa for attractiveness ( in my eyes ) are the Macadamia nuts.

I have enlarged that photo so the bees visiting it are  easier to see.
 Any nuts set will be harvest able next August or later.

 Avocado are one of our commercial ( exportable )  crops and that is why we pay to have bee hives on site for them.
This is the best flowering tree in the top block facing North and getting lots of sun.
 Avocado flowers are tiny but there are millions of them - only a few will survive to become fruit .
There is a bee flying into this cluster of flowers many of which are still buds.
That pic shows the bee about real size so you see how very tiny the flowers are. Any avocados set by pollination now will not be picked till November/ December or even later next year ( 2018 ) so a very long time.( a year or slightly more )  I suspect such a tiny flower takes that long to become such a nutritious fruit.

 The plum tree has already flowered and set a few fruit. My broad beans are producing some yummy beans . The blue glass really sets the lime green colour off a treat. The top of the plants are still being visited by bees so beans for a while yet.
 Probably the most visited flowers on the property at the moment are the 2 huge oak trees. I can stand under them and hear the Hummmmmmm.
 They of course only produce acorns .

Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Lost Door Wedge.

 The "Lost,"  door wedge, to hold the back door open if it's windy, has been found...unharmed .
 It mysteriously went missing back on the 28th of December last year. We had lots and lots of young folk and their families here for  the day. Many toddlers and under 5s.
 We imagined  the door wedge was lost for all time somewhere in the garden where some little fingers had taken it but no it was right here inside the house all the time.
 It happened like this. Monday this week  the washing machine decides to malfunction. We called the repair man who came very promptly and installed a new part. Tuesday one load of washing done - no drama.
 Wednesday morning the washing machine bleated again and said it wasn't getting any water....but was half full.
 I went off to talk to my sister on the phone and about 10 minutes later I heard the machine beeping constantly, so rushed ( shouldn't have ) to the laundry. As I rounded the corner near the laundry door I aquaplaned into the tub which I was able to grab to stop from falling. I hadn't looked down to notice the pool of water emerging into the kitchen and backdoor area.  The machine had obviously just continued filling and filling over the top. Of course the entire laundry was awash. My slippers were soaked as were all the things on the laundry floor including the wooden 2 layer wine rack.
 Much mopping up happened. All the wine was taken from the rack and stacked in a corner and the rack put out to dry.
 Later being helpful R returned the wine to the rack and there hiding inside the back of the rack was the lost door wedge obviously "posted "there all that time ago. Just shows I don't clean the wine rack out very often. We are still awaiting the return of the repair man, later today.
  It's useful to have the door wedge back though..

Happy 2nd Birthday Grandson.

 ( taken last Saturday .)
 You have given me ( us )  2 years of Joy and fun and laughter . We love you very, very much.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fabric Challenge.

This was the winner of the fabric Challenge. ( Sandra ). The swatch of the fabric that had to be used is there below her butterfly. The butterfly was 3 dimensional and that is where she used the fabric.
 Some of the entries.
Jill had never entered a challenge before.Very well done Jill


 Christine Bargello quilt was intriguing

We had to do the simple catering ourselves this time as no group would take it on for 3 days. I think it was quite profitable, as we didn't charge much and people were happy to buy. We only had tea, coffee cakes, sandwiches and hot savouries. I think people enjoyed being able to sit down take a break and chat. I haven't heard yet if it was all financially successful, I think it will have been.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wall Hangings and Quilts.

 Sandra's stained glass dragonflies were fabulous.
 Very cleverly done . Dorothy's turtle had a 3D flipper out the front.
 This cityscape is the same pattern as the blue one in the last post. The different colour way makes an amazing difference. I liked the pattern!
Jenni did this in felt.
Julie's Lighthouses.
D and J sitting at the entrance table taking the money ( only $3 each ). I spent many hours over the weekend sitting here.

 Our Baby Sales table was overflowing with articles made by the members. Some lovely knitting and toys and sewing- feeders and wipes  and blankets and small quilts.
 My quilt was in a favourable place clearly visible from the tea tables at the end of a line.

 On the next post I will show the Challenge results.

The Baltimore to the Bay was made by our last year's Committee. Each members designed a block. It was just a starting point ;many ladies changed elements in it to make a point of difference.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Quilts from Our Exhibition.

Here are some of the quilts I liked from our Exhibition last weekend.
 Shirley's aqua palette was quite delicate.
 Karen's modern quilt stood out ( Its on its side for some reason -sorry ) 
 Gail's Postage stamp quit entailed a lot of tiny squares.
 Helen's striking blue.

 Nan's doilies quilt was hand sewn and quilted.
I loved Trish's cityscape.
Mine looked okay.
 Two Baltimore to the Bay quilts done as a month by month by some of the members.
I loved it on black. (Sorry please turn your head )
 An overview of part of the viewers. Tomorrow I'll show some of the wall hangings.
 I'll also try and sort out why I cant turn some photos The right way up.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Quilts ,Garden and Orchard.

What a slack blogger I have been these past few weeks. The good news is I finished my Sew Many Flowers ( hexagon ) quilt in time to take for show and tell at Patchwork last Friday.  As yet I don't have a photo of it hanging so will wait to show you that. It is labelled too.
 Here are some other quilts that I liked. We had so much show and tell ( everybody finishing things in time for our Exhibition soon ) that these photos are of quilts just draped in piles .
 Lovely colours in a simple quilt as you go, strip quilt.
 More lovely colours.
 This is the bottom 2 rows of Shirley T's row by row quilt. She swapped the suggested ordinary houses for fairy houses as her Grand daughter wanted pink and mauve and purple and fairies and unicorns on her quilt.

 I really liked Denise's wall hanging. Only small but very modern.

 This morning I helped R finish putting the netting on my (2nd ) new strawberry frame. So Hopefully that will mean lots of berries for us and Grandson in the Summer months.

 For the last 2 weeks I have been back working on the kiwifruit vines every afternoon. I have been rained off several times - our weather has been so wet. I shouldn't complain I guess - Makes me think of you Molly. I really hope you don't come back ( to Florida  ) to find too much damage on your property.

 I am thrilled with these.  Not many ready yet,  but lots of flowers coming on.