Monday, April 27, 2009

Everything but Blogging.

Plenty has been getting done; everything but blogging.
The top photo is one of the 2 end borders (folded up), showing the row of amphora ( pots ) that I am going to applique onto it.These are the end parts to make the Jewelled Bird Quilt a longer rectangle shape.
Molly you asked about the idea for this quilt....R liked a similar bird on the cover of a Wilbur Smith book," The Seventh Scroll." It does indeed have an Egyptian look to it. I have also decided the bird's feathers would be improved by adding yards more of the gold bias tape.( half done ) Yes, the little new iron worked okay.
The Blue Denim MCWQ of the previous post, now has all the circles in rows ( 10 by 11 )but is in 2 parts for ease of working on it.All the batting squares are cut. All the feature fabric windows are cut and their position on the quilt decided. I just have to pin and sew the last 4 rows.
See that big stack of firewood rings, all now split and in the shed or friends' sheds, along with another stack the same size. About 14 tonnes R thinks. I helped lift the smaller pieced onto the trailer. R splits and loads it with his big splitting machine then we both stack it from the truck into the woodshed.( good for upper body strength! )
Persimmons might just be my favourite fruit. Although they were not as ripe as I would have liked I had to pick lots cause the possums were eating them and breaking the tree( last photo ) They are ripening inside okay.
I am surprised to still be picking (the last few surely )strawberries. That's 5 months they have been fruiting!
This coming Friday ( till Sunday )I go to our P and G Groups Retreat. As Vice Pres I am quite involved with taking supplies, gear, kitchen linen etc, so my car will be filled to the roof with 2 ironing boards, sewing machine, food etc etc. It's at the same place as last year, so if it's fine we get to walk on the beach. About 14 or 15 are staying over and another 15 coming for the day on Saturday.( we self cater so lots to prepare, but we have a great time once we are there) never heard of a Quilters retreat that wasn't fun. Quilters are nice people.
So, I a may be a bit quiet again till next week.


Tracey Petersen said...

Oh those possums are naughty creatures. One gallops across our roof most nights making an enormous amount of noise. You should certainly not allow them to eat your persimmons.

Diana said...

Have fun at your retreat. I hope you get a lot accomplished quiltingwise.

Joyce said...

I really like the colors and the pots on this quilt. Very earthy. Maybe it's because my husband is a potter and our house is full, literally, of pots right now.

Guðrún said...

Poor little tree :) Have a great time at the retreat.

meggie said...

Lots of interesting pics here. Those possums are a pest, how dare they steal your persimmons & break the tree!
Enjoy your weekend. I will be picturing you, walking on that beach. Hope the weather is nice.