Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Did I Buy Anything?

Still on the subject of last Saturday's trip to Calico Christmas, as well as some purchases I arrived home with this . ( above ) A tradition we have on this trip is the club supplies  snacks for the journey home. This time T and D made us each a noodle box with cute picture on it containing cheese, crackers, sweets etc. As well there was fruit juice and seedless green grapes. But as well we got a small piece of fabric - mine has strange animals in black and white; a tiny packet of novelty buttons and a lovely poem.( click to enlarge so you may read the poem ).
I bought some ( much cheaper than I have previously had) sheets of fabric to print on and with it a CD of labels &  borders . I have already done one trial label and found out how to type what I want on it. This product was made in Australia the previous ones I have used were from USA, so thet may acccount for the better price.  Also here some die - cut felt flowers for use in making my felt embroidered balls.
 I got 3 metres of extra wide plain white fabric for use in my selvages quilt. I have finished several large squares now.

These are just because fabrics...... just because I like them!

I really loved the colours in this FQ so had to get it too. I might use the colour palette in it for a quilt. Usually I buy a book but didn't see one I needed or even wanted, so no book.

 When I started exploring the idea of making a circle based quilt, prompted by one I saw at the museum in Bath in July I did not expect to fine someone else had got there before me.

This is Val William's, " Red Circles," that I came across on Saturday. She had also hand stitched it . So it just goes to show it is difficult to come up with an original idea. Val I liked your quilt. I wonder now how I will proceed with my idea. I hate copying anyone else's work. More thought and trial and error needed by me I think.


Jennifer said...

Ali, if I were you I would still go ahead with your circle quilt.....your fabric choices will be different anyway. I am beginning to wonder if there are any original ideas left in the world of quilt designs anyway!

Isabelle said...

Oh, how lovely all those quilts are. Amazing.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I love that FQ colours too! Sounds like you had a great outing to CC.

I'm sure you;ll find some way of making the circle quilt that won't be exactly like someone else's.

Farm Girl said...

What lovely treasure you brought home........... The red circle quilt is lovely, are you planning on hand piecing your design too?

Janice said...

You certainly have some very talented quilters in NZ. Thanks for taking us on a guided tour of the festival and sharing your purchases.