Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get Them While They're Young.

Courgettes or Zucchini  need to have a close eye kept on them once they finally decide now is the right time to produce. Check and pick daily. Approach from all sides to make sure none are lurking out of sight cause they will be marrows in the twinkling of an eye if you let them be. Fritters have to be one of my favourite things to make. ( all types ) So fritters it is with some of these.
 Recipe for Courgette Fritters.
 In a large bowl place : 1/4 cup of polenta ( fine cornmeal ); 2 tsps of Thai spice ( or seasoning of your choice ) add 2 large eggs and mix in.
Grate 2 large or 5 small courgettes then
 1/2 cup grated tasty cheese ( parmesan or cheddar )
( Other ingredients are not necessary but bread crumbs and finely chopped fried onion could be added to extend the mix.)
Place spoonful lots into hot pan; of  shallow olive oil or rice bran oil ( just so they don't stick ) Fry till golden then  turn them over and fry the second side. Place onto a plate cover with a paper towel to absorb any excess oil. Serve immediately with sweet chilly sauce or whatever you fancy. Nice cold and can be reheated.( can even travel in lunch boxes or to picnics. )
There are many other tasty ways to use your Zucchini supply. from young raw ones to baked or fried . They can be used in a cake like you make carrot cake and in muffins. Don't waste a single one!
 I am making more letters of the alphabet ( to add to the ones I have which can say Happy Christmas  or Cushions ) so various banners can be composed. I will hand sew down the binding and hand quilt these. I like making these . We had fun at Christmas, secretly  changing the message from Happy Christmas to other anagrams using those letters 


Jennifer said...

Ali, I have a recipe for a savoury slice using zucchini - it's a great favourite, and one I usually make if I am asked to bring a dish. I bet you could have fun with those letters!

Joolz said...

Thank you, I'll try the fritters soon.

I like zucchini & tomato bake - in a small baking dish, slice up 2-3 little zukes; 1 can diced tomatoes; 1 small onion chopped; sprinkle with mixed dry herbs, salt & pepper. Mix it all up with your hands.
If you have bread that's a few days old, spread 2-3 slices with butter/margarine then cut into small cubes and sprinkle over the top then sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake for about 30 minutes at 180c until cheese has gone golden and mix is bubbling. Serve with your favourite meat and salad. Of course, you could add corn, capsicum or use fresh tomatoes.

Cheers - Joolz

Molly said...

They look, and the recipe sounds, yummy! When we lived in Montana we had fairly short summers, but those Zucchini made the most of it. Our garden was at the back of our property and if you walked away from a normal sized zucchini it would have grown to a monster by the time you got back to the kitchen! Zucchini bread was a great favourite back then....

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, that recipe sounds wonderful. I must remember it for next summer. I love zucchini but usually only steam it or use it in zucchini bread. Your recipe would be a welcome new addition!

Ali Honey said...

Jennifer I think I have that same recipe. It can be made with carrot too or a mix of both. I like it cause it will slice and can be eaten cold or hot.
Thanks for your recipe Joolz, I will try it out.
Molly or Thimbleanna do you have a recipe for Zuccini bread ?

Françoise said...

Mmm... that recipe sounds great! I'll have to remember when it'll be summer again here. :-)

Meggie said...

Love zucchinis, any way at all. Son loves grated raw in salads.