Monday, April 14, 2014


 After trying many different approaches to my fraying appliqué fabric I used what is called double appliqué. That is sewing reinforcing to the back ( with right sides together,) then turning the whole thing through a slit on the back ( of the reinforcing.) Turning it was not easy but a stiletto and a tooth pick helped. This was the result. The best leaf of the 3.
 Flower block 7 is now completed.
As there has been a sudden surge in young friends ( 3 ) announcing that they are pregnant I need to turn my attentions to making baby gifts. I am back working on my felt embroidered balls, which for me is a breeze after that appliqué  and designing some baby quilts.
Raewyn with the grapes I mashed with a potato masher to break them up and just bought them to the boil so they wouldn't ferment.  Bottled it will keep for a few days in the fridge. They have such a high sugar content it forms crystals in the bottom of the container. One lot we have tried freezing.


 This is our persimmon tree. It has quite a good crop. Great, cause I love persimmons.

 They are just changing colour as they begin to ripen. As I was taking this close up photo I noticed 2 fruit right inside the tree that were being devoured by wasps.

 We estimated there was about 50 waps in each fruit, so I got R to carefully return and resort to a spray can of fly spray and get them all! ( I know as soon as they had hollowed out these 2 fruit they would start on some more. ) I have already picked some at the pale partly ripe stage to make sure I get some. I hope some will ripen further on the tree.


Maureen Heywood said...

The curves on your leaf are lovely and smooth using this method of appliqué.
Wasps - heaps of them around this year but never seen quite as many on our fruit as you had on your two persimmon. Personally I don't like the fruit but I love the blossom and shape of the tree.

Raewyn said...

Thanks for your tips on the grapes... I'm not sure what ours will be like after that storm but think there are still some lurking under the leaves that will be unspoilt. I have a friend who does most of her circles the way you describe and they look great!Amazing how much damage wasps can do to fruit :-(