Thursday, May 15, 2014

Progress !

 My little blocks for a baby quilt are now a quilt top at the flimsy stage. It is lying on the table over a rectangle of batting and also backing fabric and won't take my long to pin baste later.
 I like it and have lovely backing fabric to back and bind it with. I went specially to get something suitable on Saturday when our group was invited to Katipatch for the morning.( with a 10% discount ). I had quite a stock up.( all things I needed so that was excellent.)
 Progress has also been made on the 2 felt embroidered balls I have on the go. What motifs to put on that are different than ones I have done before seems to be the hardest part.( photos of those soon )
Lots of gardening has taken place. Some bare spaces have been filled with seedlings and so far they are doing well.Autumn leaves are everywhere so the garden gets messy looking.  I have some iceland poppies out which always make me pleased even if their presence is fleeting especially if it rains ( which it has been doing ).
 This one has hardly had time to completely unfurl it's petals.
 Progress is also being made in the orchard! As I write this the sprayer is in the orchard applying the final clean up spray to the kiwifruit. It washes off bird poo and stains. 2 of the 4  tractors to tow bin trailers have arrived. The sun is shinning. Picking will begin early tomorrow morning if it doesn't rain in the meantime. The forecast looks good. We got the results of the final 96 fruit sample that was taken and the brix ( sugar levels ) are now up to 8.4% soluble solids, so it really needs to be picked( but should keep well in the coolstore ). We have eaten a couple that were ripe because they were damaged and they are indeed very tasty. We have been doing all the last minute preparations for days (so they really aren't  last minute at all ) and some will need to be repeated cause we thought we might have been having our turn at picking last weekend.
 The next blog post here should therefore be about Kiwifruit picking. This is the 32nd crop we have picked for export. Back in 1983 we picked just 329 export trays. So, so much has changed in that time . Last years we picked 26,279 export trays our best ever total. This time it won't be that many but still looks a good crop.
 A busy day or days ( depending on how many pickers we get and how things go ) ahead. Progress at last. 


Jennifer said...

Wow - that's quite a lot of fruit! Love your quilt design, it looks to be a really fun pattern.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Good luck with the picking, hope it all goes well. The baby quilt is lovely. Quilt shops are so dangerous! So much beautiful stuff! One of the ladies of our group had the find of the century in one op shop near Taupo! She got absolutely heaps of beautiful quilting fabrics, at a wild guess at least $500 worth all for $120! I've seen it today at our craft day in the barn and it's lovely stuff. Sad story behind it though, the owner of it all had intended to sell it all and a car boot sale but it rained and she said sod it and gave it to the ops shop, sad part she is going blind so can't sew anymore. :(

Thimbleanna said...

I love your little baby quilt -- it looks like you'll be done in no time. Have fun picking!!!

Isabelle said...

Love your baby quilt. I too am making a baby quilt but I suspect that mine won't be quite so perfect as yours... .

Isabelle said...
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Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

Can't wait to see the new balls. Your baby balls are what attracted me to your blog in the first place. As you haven't done any for a while, that will give you an idea of how long this reader has been lurking around!

Janice said...

A very busy time of the year for you. Fingers crossed for good weather. Just as we'll you had your sewing up to date. I love the way your quilt top has turned out. Looking forward to seeing the felt balls.