Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jewel Box Quilt.

I have made a little time to do some cutting and sorting and stitching. I needed some work to take to the final  get together for this year, of our Patchwork & Quilting group, yesterday. 
Way back in May and June  I made a start on this Jewel Box ( or is it Jacob's Ladder ) quilt top. I had lots of squares left from my big Fabricated Flowers quilt. I had completed it to this stage, back then.
 This is quite small and I am now extending it. As long as I have most of the fabrics already used still available I can keep going. It is sewn together so I will have to add to the bottom in strips ( then maybe down one side ? )
 I did a little research and I am sure Jacob's ladder is exactly the same as Jewel Box? It's just the difference created by light and dark fabric placement. I prefer the name Jewel Box. ( some of these fabrics are like jewels )

 The Committee at P & Q have issued a Challenge for members to publicly list our 5 most "need to finish" UFOs. Some ladies apparently have large numbers of started but not finished projects.
 A few, like me, are finishers.........we are allowed to just list 2  - that's all I have got. This quilt and a wall hanging I am making from my own pattern from a photo I took.
 Some of the members generously offered to lend some of their unfinished  work!

 Donna Maree who is one of 3 members of our group who are also Bloggers showed me yesterday how she can post from her phone. I now might have a go at that cause I think my phone camera is superior to my older digital camera.  Tina also has a blog.
 Today we have drizzle in BOP. We need rain so hope it soaks in. 
 I hope you are all keeping up with your" to do lists?"


Jennifer said...

Your quilt is definitely "Jewel Box' - "Jacob's Ladder" is a nine-patch design, while this one has four patches per block. They both use a similar arrangement of squares and triangles. Love the colours in this one, they look like opals!

Gemini Jen NZ said...

I love your Jewel Box - I think that is a perfect name to call it by, the colours are very pretty. My to-do list would not qualify for your sewing group (I've got WAAAY more than five things to get completed LOL!) Very wintery down here in Southland, was a great day for being inside sewing and almost finishing one of my to-do's, but for the fact I ran out of the deep pink thread while finishing the binding :-( Enjoy those pohutakawa, we don't have them down here...