Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Charity Quilt Finished.

 I got the binding sewn down and simple quilting finished on this group Charity quilt. ( about time ! )
 and the back
Now I can get back to my own projects.
 I learnt some things while doing this project. Having many ladies piecing and cutting and sewing on one project makes putting it together so, so much more difficult. Lots of easing and redoing required. When the seams don't match up perfectly the straight line quilting I was doing was rather tricky. I would totally pick a larger ( less seams matching ) project next time! )( one where blocks could be trimmed to be all the same.


I am trying to spend all day indoors today as the pollen in the air is really upsetting my eyelids this year.( some years are worse than others )  I started back in the orchard last Tuesday and that's when the eye irritation started. Some days it is worse than others.
 It was a bit better over the weekend when I wasn't outside for hours on end.
 Yesterday must have been really bad as everyone Bay wide is commenting on the pollen all over cars and people sneezing etc.
 It would be nice if there was something I could take that would just make it go away....lots of remedies make it sting and  itch and be far redder.
 I have taken anti histamine but it doesn't totally fix it, so staying in is part of an experiment to get some relief. ( good for getting projects finished )
 Yesterday and today we have had men working on the property doing 2 different jobs. One lot with a large tree grab have been felling some huge gum trees . The thump when they hit the ground is quite amazing and tremors run through the ground.
I managed to capture this one as it fell!
 All the gums on the right side  of the picture got toppled. ( the one on the left was too large! So is still standing )
 The beautiful straight clean trunk of this gum plunges to earth through a clump of giant bamboo.
 The contractors are dragging the trunks into a pile where they dry and  become next year and the year after's firewood.
 Over in the avocado blocks 2 other blokes with a post rammer are putting in big poles to build a safety barrier above the gully.  It will act as a warning to pickers in hyraladas, not to go too close. 
 More and more things have become our responsibility as far as Health and Safety on our property goes.
 What a thoroughly enjoyable watch the Olympic games  turned out to be for Kiwis. I thank all the competitors for the pleasure they gave me! 


Mary said...

I need your tree guys here in my back yard - no gums but plenty of oaks!
I can imagine the health and safely rules must be strict when you have people harvesting - costly to keep up with the requirements too I bet. Is that the type of bamboo that takes over everything?

Allergies can be so miserable, mine come in Spring here when we have high pollen counts - feel better soon dear.
Hugs - Mary

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Mary. I'm fine again now. Staying in worked. Where it was so sore has all peeled off.
Yes those are giant bamboo and they do spread if not pushed over when small.

Pam said...

The quilt is lovely!

We're delighted that the Games are over. We're not sports fans!