Friday, September 16, 2016

Lots of Gardening.

 Some plants ( bulbs ) just thrive and it's lovely to be able to pick huge fragrant bunches and hardly see where they came from. I prefer the cream more strongly scented Burtonii ones and they too are doing well and flowering profusely.
 Lettuce, radish and climbing snap peas ( you eat them pod and all ) doing well against the house wall.

 I have revamped the piece of garden beside the deck under the grapevine. I moved the water lily bowl ( but cracked it ) and replanted the gaps between the sparixis bulbs.
 from the other end.
 R re spray painted the 6 red chairs .

 Down in the home orchard I weeded and mulched the Blueberry bushes and planted 2 new ones ( different types ) in the gaps. R has promised to build me a proper frame to keep the birds off them.
 I rotated the photo but to no avail.( please twist your head )

 This morning I shopped at New World Brookfield ( where I usually shop ) and because I spent $203 
 I got 5 free little garden rewards.( one for every $40 spent )
 I am prepared to see if I can get them all to grow. ( parsley, broccoli , kale; tomato and rocket )
 Each little box has a growing medium pellet to be soaked, a paper with seeds impregnated,  a fancy wee label and instructions.

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molly said...

Nothing says spring like daffodils! Good luck with your reward pots. You've been very busy in your garden --- I'm sure we'll reap the benefits later on when you post pics of how well everything grows!