Sunday, February 19, 2017

Plenty of Much Needed Rain.

 When the bird bath in the garden fills and overflows with rain it saves us a job.
 Over the last 3 days and nights we have had 5.5" of much needed rain. Now as the sun is back out it is a bit sauna like as it evaporates off again.

 Son and DIL and Grandson have been to visit for 2 nights. His Dad pulled him around the garden on the old red trolley and they see all sorts.
 Luckily son pulled his phone out for this next shot when a Monarch butterfly landed on the bent over by the rain, head of the tiger lily.
 Grandson takes a keen interest in birds, butterflies and bees. Bee now being one of his first words.along with ball so "B" must be an easy sound to make. 

 The only sewing I have done in the last few days was adding a lower case "e" to my quilted letter collection.

 I happen to think ( as a ex teacher ) that a little person should learn to recognise his name ( when a bit older ) and write his name using a capital at the beginning and lower case letters for the rest.  I will continue to make more indestructible 6" fabric letter for play at a later stage.
 I have quite a bag full already which spell Happy Christmas and several other words.

Now I'm off for a walk in the sunshine.


Pip said...

Your tiger lilies are gorgeous, we don't often see Monarchs in Adelaide, I suspect the right plants aren't available for them to feed on. I agree that small children should recognise their names, my mother made sure we could all write our names before we started schoool (mine was fairly easy to learn)

molly said...

I agree with your cute little grandson that birds, butterflies and bees are some of the most interesting things in nature! Good catch by your son on the Monarch....

Raewyn said...

I love spending time with kids out in the garden - it's such a treasure trove! I'm with you about LOWER CASE with kids too - everyone makes everything in Capitals!! Lucky you with the rain - we were happy to get some but only had 2 1/2 inches all up.