Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Any Fine Day Now.

 The Eurofins fruit sample collector has been this morning and taken our 2nd 100 kiwifruit sample to test for dry matter. The higher the dry matter the more the grower gets paid. Whichever is the best result is the one that is used. ( we get one free sample and pay for any more we request )  The fruit sample gets taken back to the Katikati office where it is cut and dried to get the test results. That takes about 24 + hours.
 We have been told that we are the next orchard after the one they are picking at now, so tomorrow or Friday if it stays fine. A cleanup spray has to be applied and dry before picking starts.


Chookyblue...... said...

I love finding out about kiwi fruit......

Mary said...

Yes, it's really so interesting learning more about the growing of the kiwifruit. We do seem to take for granted Nature's wonderful bounty of fruits and vegetables from other lands which just 'appear' on the grocery shelves. I want to add more kiwifruit to our diet, they are so healthy - and beautiful. Good luck with this season's harvest Ali.

Just back from Italy - working in my garden!
Hugs - Mary

A Casa Madeira said...

I loved knowing the blog.