Tuesday, July 25, 2017

100 Years.

At the weekend we have been down in Taupo joining in with the celebrations for my Uncle's 100th Birthday.

 When one gets to 100 years cards arrive from the Queen and the Prime Minister.
Great Grand children ( 10 ) and everyone else sing Happy Birthday very nicely. ( quite a few good singers in our family ! ) 

 Of course lots of rellies wanted  to get a photo of the candle blowing and the cake cutting.

 This Uncle was one of 3 children, my Dad who died 17 years ago was his elder brother. their only younger sister died aged 55 so it can't be ALL in the genes one inherits.
 Looking back into Family History I think the longevity might have come from his Great Grand Mother ( my Great Great  ) called Harriet Humphrey who was born in 1847 and lived till 1941. 
 This lady was born in UK;  married at St. Pancreas Church in Euston Road London in 1866
 and 8 years later travelled with her husband and 4 young children, to New Zealand on the ship Euterpe. ( this ship is still afloat, now called the Star of India, in San Francisco harbour )

 At the 100th Birthday luncheon their were 50  guest; relatives and some carers ( as Uncle is now mostly confined to a wheel chair, but still lives in his own home  ) So guests spanning 3 younger  generations.
 This was a great Family get together. It was the first 100th Birthday Party I have attended. We were all given  the prescription of how to get to 100  in a "Humorous speech, "  by my Cousin.
 Certainly something to aim for especially if ones mental faculties  are all in tact. 


molly said...

I don't think anyone in my family or my husband's has reached 100 - God bless your uncle! May he celebrate many more. I was amazed to read your reference to the Star of India. In the early seventies, newly married, we visited SF and the Star of India and bought a coffee table (that is still in use) that had been made from an old hatch cover from the ship! Small world.

Ali Honey said...

That's interesting Molly. I presume the hatch cover needed replacing or maybe even being modernised and so done away with.
Years ago I had a work colleague who visited that ship while on holiday there and was surprised when I knew something about the ship and it's history.

LA Paylor said...

how nice to meet you! I enjoyed your posts, and now know what Kiwi looks like growing! We have some right here for tonight's dessert! I love a hexi! And travel so I got a lot of both here! LeeAnna from not afraid of color

Janice said...

What a wonderful celebration. 100 is quite a milestone and a great excuse for all the family to gather.

Pam said...

How lovely - though I'm not sure I want to live till I'm 100 (but ask me again when I'm 99). (St Pancras, not Pancreas, by the way.)