Friday, August 31, 2018

What's Happening in the New Garden?

Bulbs that came with me in pots are flowering. The rain knocked these freesias with very long stems to the ground. There are other orange plants beginning to flower under the cherry trees. Clivias  like the shade.
 Yesterday I went out during a spell in the rain and planted a new rose called Golden Jubilee. My sister had it in a bucket since the end of last year and bought it up when they came to visit late Monday. It didn't seem the worse for too long in a container so I hope it likes its new place in my new garden.
 The dying box hedge to the right of it is on the list of things to pull out so then it will have more space.

R has had seed potatoes out sprouting ( chitting ) . He is clearing a patch of garden at the end of the vege garden of irises and renga renga lilies. They host slugs and snails and along with agapanthus are not great things to have planted beside edible plants - just asking for trouble. ( we will remove them all given time ) 


 Down the steepish  bank where all the fruit trees are growing the first few pink buds are appearing on I think a peach tree and this plum is covered with blossom.
 Right at the bottom of the property near the estuary it can be very wet - especially when the tide is in. This Swamp Cypress is an ideal tree for the conditions. I noticed it is just showing new green leaves . Here from a distance it still looks bare.
(The pear tree is to the right behind it ) 

 In the vege garden that was already here we have lots of side shoots on broccoli and cabbages coming ready. Cauliflowers are showing promise too. We have grapefruit and lemons in abundance.
 Everything I have planted new is doing okay.  ( my snow peas and broad beans are climbing!  )  Rabbits visit the garden daily and so far R has only been able to eliminate one ! 


Janice said...

It’s rather exciting watching a new garden wake up and discover what it holds, as well as adding your personal touches to it. I’m sure it will be beautiful once you have both worked you magic on it.

Mystic Quilter said...

I second Janice, waiting to see what treasure are hidden away is such a pleasure. I love that you still have fruit trees, especially a plum, nothing better than walking into the garden and pulling a juicy plum (or more) warmed by the sun!

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