Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lots to Read.

I finished all these quilted alphabet
letters. All I'm doing for now anyway. 36 here.
 I have the upper case and lower case letters to be able to write both Grandsons'  names.

 Last weekend we went to the Rotary Used Book Sale and stocked up on reading. These I selected for myself.Quite a variety there.  R got 18 too.
 I also found 2 jigsaws and a couple of books for Grandson.1.

I'm quite proud of this capsicum I grew in the poly house. Not many on the plant so I guess that helps with the size.
 I hope the weather keeps warm for a while as there are all these naked ladies  ( Belladonnas ) flowering in the garden.

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Janice said...

You’ll be set for the long cold winter evenings with all that reading. But, as you say, let’s hope they hold off for a while so you can enjoy the autumn garden. Your alphabet blocks look so fun in their bright colours.