Saturday, April 06, 2019

Property Improvements.

Using the truck ( to get the rocks ) and the Hustler with trailer to transport them down to the jetty area this job is finally done.
 The rocks to stop any further erosion have  taken R quite a lot of time to fill right along. This is our waterfront to the estuary at the bottom of our garden property. The rope fence is the boundary on one side. I took the photo standing on the jetty. On the other side of the jetty it is sloping grass that doesn't seem to get eroded and is good for launching the kayak.
Down in this same area we put the bigger garden rubbish into a pile for a bonfire.
 With fire permit of course, this morning R lit the fire. It burnt away quickly as the palm fronds I had added were quite dry.
Behind the fire the other project to drain a very wet area is taking place.

 In the garden at the moment the Queen Protea is coming into flower. It has numerous buds.

 Down amongst the fruit trees this hibiscus had been cut down by the previous owners. I let it grow up again and am pleased with its colour and look.

 Lots of gardening jobs including boring things like edges and hedges have been dealt with. Lots of weeds are springing up after the rain, so there is plenty for me to do.
 No sewing and only a little knitting has been done.
 ( next rainy day ) .


Janice said...

A lot of work, but your garden should be beautiful as you go forward.

Pam said...

You're so lucky having such a big garden - even after you've downsized! It looks lovely. And you can grow very different plants from those that enjoy Scotland!