Thursday, May 23, 2019

Already Paid For.

This avocado is quite a memorable piece of fruit for us. It is the very last one we were able to pick from our own trees. We have already paid for it. ( as part of the purchase price of this property ) ( one of a list of reasons we wanted this property )  We will have to patiently wait till the next crop is ready...we understand that..... we were growing them for export so understand their life cycle and care requirements. We pruned the large  trees so had to sacrifice some of next times crop for the long term good of the trees. Right now in New Zealand any avocados available are selling at a very, very high price. We have to revert to life without avocados for a while. As a child I had never heard of them and they were not a New Zealand crop. So that is a change for the better.

 With the loss of one fruit comes the beginning of another. This is the first lot of satsuma mandarins I've picked. Still a tad  tart but almost there. The tree has hundreds so we better start eating and sharing now.
 We moved to this property 10 months ago and I have been recording what fruit, nuts and produce was ready each month so we get it right next year and from now on. Also so we can fill any gaps . I intend to plant 2 persimmons ( absolute favourites of mine ) just as soon as 2 untidy palms are removed( next week possibly ). ( the persimmon trees are $50 each! yikes. ) 

 On the gardening front I have replanted lots of vege seedlings. I hope the white butterflies are gone for the Winter.  I have reformed the 2 gardens on either side of the front entrance and now will start filling the gaps. A magnolia tree stands in the middle of each garden so roots make planting hard digging but it already looks so much more pleasing to the eye. ( photos when I've completed it ) 

 Spider lilies from my childhood have moved with me and seem happy on the outside table in the sun.

 I found out my right arm does not like using the  rotary cutter for too long. I am trying to assemble bags of pre cut squares of fabric ( from left overs ) for the Exhibition Sales table, so I must just do that  for a short time each day. I think it's the gripping . It's surprising how many tasks require gripping. It is giving me a sense of achievement however by reducing some of my more than currently required fabric bits and presenting them neatly and ready cut ( charm squares )  so someone else can use them.


Chookyblue...... said...

Enjoy your fruit...... Feel for you with a sore shoulder of got two.....

Pam said...

So different from our lives... though we could grow some fruit and veg if we wanted. But my garden is so small that I prefer to grow flowers. I envy your acres!