Monday, July 08, 2019

Chilly July Days.

It's an inside sort of day. Not rainy but dull cloudy with a bit of a chill to it.
 Before I forget, Yes Pam those Jonquils were flowering outside on the shortest day. We have had 4 or 5 frosts but not enough to spoil anything. Some of the cherries are trying to flower too.
 As we have now lived here for one year ( moved 4th July ) I was looking back in this blog to see what had changed in that time. Lots of trees have been removed. The latest 2 to go were the large untidy palms on the driveway.The stumps have been ground down so we can replant there or near by. We have the 2 persimmons heeled in the vege garden till the site is ready.
 Everything I have planted, bar one  has grown and thrived. ( one Calla lily rotted off ). I have not yet got myself a Daphne plant or found where to put it but I will.( I want to see it in bud/flower and make sure it has a really good perfume. )

 My sister gave R the seed for these red broad beans. We planted half the packet last year and had to leave them flowering at the old place so it is good these ones here are doing well. There are some tiny ( 1" long ) beans set but they are slow - I guess its too cold.

 I see freesia buds appearing and tulips pushing through.
 Bad news we still have rabbits digging!

Altho I have been knitting since I was a small girl ( 7 or 8 )  I still have some things to learn...not about the knitting but the sewing up / picking up neck stitches / finishing type things so I have been googling it and watching some u tube short videos and I am pleased to say I did pick up the odd pointer. At the moment I am doing the neck on a ribbed vest for elder Grandson and I will try a new method.

 I have done one session on my wall hanging.

 I think I am reading more than before.  I must update mt sidebar list and do a few book recommendations.
 The very good news is the Grandsons and their parents have moved to BOP this last weekend. 20 plus minutes away from us , so no more trips to the big smoke to see them. Smaller grandson is now 11 months and elder Grandson 3 years and 9 months.


loulee said...

Your garden is looking good. Ours is resting for the winter. We could put a few things in, even down here in the south, but prefer to leave it fallow and let the leaf littler lie and do it's thing.

Janice said...

A nice newsy post. Your garden is coming along nicely. It is interesting to look back and see how much your have done since you moved in. You must be a bit warmer than us, as our garden is quite a bit behind yours.