Monday, December 23, 2019

Down the Garden Path.

Last evening quite late I went for a walk down our garden path to the water as the tide was in.
Come and have a look.

The Albizia tree is in flower. ( there is a rustic seat under it and the jetty to the left. ) It looks like this close up.

Very peaceful down there when it's not windy. A lovely calm evening.

 Some colourful flowers are out in the garden.

dahlia  hypnotica 
Hebe Wiri Charm


Its our 52nd Anniversary today. ( how did we have time to get married at this time of the year.....ahhhh things were at a slower pace back then  - NZ closed for the weekend.)


Janice said...

Happy Anniversary. I love seeing your flowers flourishing and GREEN grass. It is so restful on the eyes after all our dead stuff over here at the moment.

Shasta Matova said...

Happy Anniversary! Your flowers are so beautiful.

Pam said...

Your garden is beautiful. And happy anniversary!

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