Friday, June 18, 2021

That's Rubbish.

 For the last 53 Years that we have been a household we have never had rubbish collection at our gate. Starting in July we are being forced into it. Why Forced? We have to pay  the W B Council for the service whether we use it or not. The bins have been delivered. The Transfer station in the city is being closed down so we will no longer be able to do our own recycling.

 Here are 3 new bins in our garage. The wooden lidded bins at the right used to extend right along the wall and had our own containers inside it. R built it when we moved here nearly 3 years ago. Now he has had to pull most of it out to make a space for the new Council bins. On a given day the bins have to be taken up our drive and along to the corner of the street for emptying.( Far more work ) The landfill bin has to have tags attached b4 it will be emptied. They cost $3.95 each.
 We are very used to sorting and cleaning our items and we have always had compost bins and I have a worm farm. All our garden rubbish get put under our big avocado trees. ( only town dwellers were given food scrap bins ) 
 It best to look at it as a new challenge! A challenge to see how little we can put in the bins.
 Next post I will talk about ways to reduce our use of plastic and other undesirables. and what I think manufacturers and food producers need to do to help with Zero waste!


molly said...

Our waste collection is twice a week but we only put the bin out on one of those days. Even then, it has very little in it. You would be amazed at how many people put full bins out twice a week! You don't have to be a genius, merely awake, to know that recycling is the only smart thing to do if we want to leave a habitable planet for our grandchildren. That said, our city fathers decided recently not to pick up glass - one of the most recyclable items ever, so now we have to just throw our glass in the garbage. I cringe every time I do it!

Mary said...

You are definitely organized and very caring regarding getting rid of your rubbish Ali. This particular household ritual, dealing with what have to throw away, impacts us all in whatever country we live. Of course I've visited some countries - won't share names here! - where it's just thrown out the windows, piled in the streets for wildlife/vermin to destroy, or even in front gardens which is despicable!
Here in our city the garbage pickup (provided green bin) is weekly for regular household items, recycling (provided blue bin)is bi-weekly along with yard/garden waste which we put in our own bins. I compost all my vegetable waste - a lot daily as I'm vegetarian - and have a large container not far from the back door.
It's sad so think there is so much trash on the planet - and I dread to think what the future holds in regard to disposing of it all!
Mary -

Chookyblue...... said...

oh I would love to have rubbish will never happen for us.......its amazing how much rubbish you get each week......