Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A Great Series.

 I'm interrupting my previous theme to tell you about these books that I heartily recommend. 

The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley.

 Sadly Lucinda died quite recently this year so that is a huge and sad loss.

3 of the covers.
 Each book is about 800 pages but I have just raced through them. 

 I have missed 2 but my local bookshop rang me yesterday to say my copy of book 1 has arrived. Another friend who introduced me to the series said they could be read in any order. ( true ) 
 If you google Lucinda's name their are several website that could give you more information.
 Do try and get hold of these if you haven't already I am sure you will be enthralled as I was.

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kiwikid said...

Thank you for the recommendation, will, see if I can get them on the Kindle. Always looking for good books.