Monday, August 16, 2021

Several Seasons in the Garden.


Over the weekend I finished pruning the roses so late  blooms like this ended up in a vase inside. ( Graham Thomas ) 

 In the same vase are Spring flowers like my favourites Burtoni Freesias and Hyacinths. A real competition for which has the best perfume.

 Outside the wind made  these daffodils  lean.
 A good year for daffs.

 The Valthemia in a pot is quite happy not being planted out yet.

 The 3 flowering cherries out at the moment continue to attract the birds. Such a delight to watch.
 There are 7 cherries altogether the others flower a bit later.

 The mandarins ( 1000s ) are finished now so today I picked the first Tangelos.

I have been sewing too. I laid some of them out . Some are joined in vertical strips now.
 They will get swapped around as I complete more.
 I am enjoying the hand sewing of the motifs.
 I have sewing group tomorrow so that will be fun. We do enjoy each others company.


kiwikid said...

I can imagine the beautiful perfume with those lovely flowers inside. Enjoy the tangelos, our little tree has 6 on it. Your sewing looks wonderful.

molly said...

If the perfume is as beautiful as the colors....hmmm! I was recently reminded of how much I love hand sewing when I made a major error in piecing the quilt I'm currently working on. After un-picking hundreds of tiny machine stitches (ugh, groan) I sat for a long while hand stitching my repairs. Stitch by stitch. When it's done my next project will be to finish one of my applique UFOs!

molly said...

Meant to ask - who's the new quilt for? Very unusual/creative!

Janice said...

Your garden is really putting on a show. We are just starting to have our daffodils start to flower.

Pam said...

And I'm just thinking of buying some spring bulbs and then facing the impossible task of finding some bulbless bits of garden to plant them in. So strange that it's spring with you. I can never quite believe in spring in August - even though I know it's there with you!