Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Today I will start Quilting This.

 It's a rough and windy day in BOP. this morning  

Yesterday was lovely. Friends took us out to lunch which was pleasant. Here is a view of the rail bridge from where we were.

 So they picked the right day to be out and about.

 As it is all ready now, today I need to start simply quilting this.

 3 layers pinned together. The backing is a fabric that also appears in the front. As it is an extremely busy top I need to do something very simple like stitch in the ditch following the straight lines of the quilt. ( it is single bed size. I made it slightly wider than long so won't go over a pillow )
 ( I did consider hand quilting it? But decide maybe not. ) 
 Here it is pegged on the clothesline before I put the layers together.... but it was too windy that afternoon.

I better get started! 
 I have been picking repeat small vases of sweet peas which have a wonderful typical perfume.


kiwikid said...

Is that the train bridge going over towards the Mount? I walked across there looking for a geocache last time I was in Tauranga. Enjoy quilting your quilt it looks wonderful.

Ali Honey said...

Yes that's the bridge.

loulee said...

Have fun quilting.

Janice said...

It must be so good being close to finishing your quilt.

Chookyblue...... said...

Goodluck with the quilting.....

Pam said...

Your quilt looks lovely! Such a lot of work, but worth it.