Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Getting Rid of Agapanthus.

 After 18 or 20 years of growth agapanthus can be a real pest. The foolish previous owners who planted it put plants where over time they would hang over wooden retaining walls and wooden steps. The rain then runs down the leaves and rots the wood. That is what has happened down the sides of these steps.

 Which are now crumbling.

 R said if you can dig them out I will

mulch them up with the Hustler ( big mower ). So I did.   ( he sharpened the spade ) This is from the right side. Today I did the left side and rolled the clumps to the bottom.'  We then spaded them into more manageable clumps and I laid them in rows for the mower to go over.

 In a week after another mow it will look green again. ( kikuyu grass / lawn )  This was a 
  much better solution for us than having to lift it all onto the truck and take it to the green refuse station and pay by weight to get rid of it.

 The way is now clear to remove the rocks down the side and R to build some new steps with wooden sides.


Janice said...

What a task! I bet you ached after that effort. It will look so much better with new steps that aren’t swamped.

kiwikid said...

That was a lot of hard work I bet! So good you can mow them to bits and not have to go to the waste station.

APKfun said...

what an great effort to mow them!
Hardworking makes the beautiful and clear view.
i suggest you should try to plant something instead. I have used this app My Jungle - Simple Plant Care to make sure that I don't forget to care for my house plants.

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG I'm crying reading this.......I have lots hundred in the drought tones and mine will never clump up like yours were.......a garden in the blue mountains was cleaning up some and or garden club brought a truck load. It was dirty and Aggies.....I got a tonne of this and cut them all up into seperate plants and that's how I brought them

Unknown said...

good article


Pam said...

I have an agapanthus outside my kitchen window and though I love it, and don't want rid of it, I could never get it up by myself. It's huge. I'd need a digger!