Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dawn Chorus

More on Vireyas. This is my oldest one , Dawn Chorus. it has been in a big blue pot since 1988. This photo shows one of it's best flowerings. ( it has only 6 flowers out today ) It is now at the stage where it probably needs an even larger pot, although they do like constricted roots. It broke it's first pot by rolling off this spot and fell only about 4 inches but was so tightly packed it split the pot. I had it in a new pot the same day and it didn't even notice. I have grown many from cuttings of this particular one. ( Very hardy, but also easy) Just popped them in the ground or the edge of the pot and they took. Have managed that with one other variety as well. I'll show you some other ones when they flower.


ForestJane said...

Wow, that's spectacular.

I really like the yellow to orange to pink flowers you get there.

anne bebbington said...

Lovely apricot coloured flowers - and they go so well with that bright blue pot - guess you'll just have to buy a bigger one in a similar colour

MargaretR said...

Such a pity I don't live next door to you Ali. I would love a cutting of that beautiful plant!