Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Spicy Apple Loaves.

I've just been baking and the house is filled with the smell of spice. As we don't eat much of this sort of thing any more my baking days happen less often. This recipe is tasty and multi purpose. I make it in 2 loaf tins; that gives you one to cut and one to keep ( or freeze ).It can be used as a cake, a loaf or a dessert.

Spicy Apple Loaves.

2 cups dry cooked apple 1 cup of oil
2 cups sugar 2 tsps vanilla
2 tsps ground cinnamon 1 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground nutmeg
3 cups flour 1 tsp baking soda
3 beaten eggs pinch of salt
Beat the eggs, add the oil and vanilla. In another bowl, sift the dry ingredients, add the sugar. Put in the cooked apple then gradually pour the liquids into the dry ingredient. Mix till just combined. Spoon into 2 loaf tins lined with baking paper ( or greased ). Bake in a moderate oven; 160 - 180 degrees centigrade; for about 50 minutes. ( check after 40 mins; test middle is cooked ) Remove from oven and cool on a rack for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Thanks for the sales table suggestions. ( I still need more ideas ) Yes, we have made wheat ( not corn) bags. The moving with the door type stopper sounds like a good concept. Great to meet you Shelina - I went by your blog to visit. Will add you to my list of places to visit.


anne bebbington said...

Alison - the recipe looks and sounds delicious - forgive me what exactly is the dry cooked apple? is it a product peculiar to NZ or would I be able to get it in the UK? These loaves sound too good not to try for myself

Ali Honey said...

Hi Anne, Sorry if that confused. It is just cooked apple that is not all mushy and runny. Lightly cooked slices of any cooking apple will do. I used a variety called Granny Smith.I'm not sure what varieties you have but Golden Delicious or Gravenstien would be suitable too. Add only about 1 tablespoon of water when cooking them, just enough to stop them sticking.You may even be able to get tinned apple slices...not sure about that. Hope you try it.Cheers Alison.

Sooziii said...
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Sooziii said...

Ali, I swear I could smell those delicous loaves - so warm and inviting!!
I have just drawn up a pattern for a roll up case to store crochet needles and now am about to tackle making it. If it turns out OK I will send you the pattern for your stall. Only needs a FQ and some calico - I am making it for Thelma as one of her Stocking gifts.

Judy said...

Here's my issue. If I made bread, i'd sit around all day eating hot bread with lots of butter. And I don't need to be any fatter than I already am!!

I'm gaining weight just looking at that wonderful bread YUM!!

Pixie said...

Ali thanks for the recipe, I'm gonna give them a whirl. Just what we need for a winter weekend.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, that looks like it'd be good with cream cheese for a spread. :)

Fiona said...

that does look tasty - and easy to make too. I'll have to give it a go.