Saturday, March 15, 2008


"Ouch, you vicious little," I cried, slapping my ankle. Too late one got me fair and square. Late on Thursday, after slaving in the garden all day I stood on a wasps nest! I should have gone straight back to house ( and put something on it ) but wanted to finish what I was doing cause the Real Estate person was bringing the whole office to look around on Friday. About quarter of an hour later DH called down to me that they had just rung to say they couldn't make it tomorrow but would come sometime next week! I did knock off then and dragged my sore swelling leg back inside. By yesterday it was so puffed up and itchy I went and purchased some anti histamine...... it had helped the itching but my foot and lower leg still belongs to the Michelin man. Never mind it could have been worse they all could have had a go at me!
Today at my house the rooms are all vacuumed and dusted, there are flowers everywhere ( vireyas on the coffee table in photo )and only us to appreciate them.( of course it should be that way every single day I know.....but I don't want to waste the world's power resources! )
If my leg will allow I am off to the garden again cause the part I finished on Thursday did look good for my being there. The wasps nest is now dead ( I hope )!
The purple and green Scrappy quilt now has a label and binding and is finished. I am still adding hand quilted circles in the outside purple border in the evenings. (if you enlarge it you might be able to see some circles.)
There are 40 completed flower blocks ready to assemble - still can't decide how to do that. Any Suggestions???
If you enjoyed the "I Am From" blogs, Isabelle in UK has done a lovely one with photos.


Isabelle said...

Oh dear, poor you! Hope the leg is returning to normal.

Thanks so much for the plug!

loulee1 said...

Oooh! Your poor leg. Wasp stings are awful. Hope it's getting better.

meggie said...

Hope your leg is better. I am terrified of wasps & allergic to bee stings.
Isabelle's I am from is wonderful , & I have enjoyed every one of them I have read, yours included.
Your Vireya is pretty.
Love that quilt!

Françoise said...

Your quilt is beautiful!
Hope you are better now. Regards.

Anonymous said...

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Guðrún said...

I hope your leg is getting "smaller"