Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rain and Sun.

Beaches don't feature here too often, but I have walked on 2 different ones in the last 5 days.
Starting on Easter Saturday - that was a scorching hot day and people were swimming in the surf at the Mt beach. We walked for a short while but it was very hot. We had just spent about $80 and an hour an a half at the Rotary Annual second hand book sale...... held in an empty coolstore and has books ,CDs, records etc as far as the eye can see.We didn't get there too early as we wanted the crowds to have dispersed which they had, so we browsed in amongst sensible numbers. I got 8 paper backs, 8 Patchwork and Quilting old mags and booklets and 3 CDs. DH got 10 books and 1 CD. The P & Q mags and books will have a couple of pages copied then be returned to a sales table; only 1 CD will get a second playing, BUT the books are good so far. I enjoyed the first one I have read in the last few days, "Hanna's Daughters, " by Marianne Fredriksson.
(The Mt. beach photo has the bright umbrellas ).
I have been keeping a tally of the number of strawberries I have picked off my plants ; 197 from 6 plants and still going strong - certainly worth growing and covering!
Our younger son is home on holiday from London - we haven't seen him for just over 2 years. He has lived and worked in UK for over 7 years. This weekend we are doing a family get together over in Hamilton; with elder son & partner, brother and sister in law.
Yesterday we 3 travelled up the Coromandel to Hahei to see a property that was for sale - that eliminated that one - too far ; very winding roads - not where I would want to live.( We also looked at some others locally at the long weekend ) The weather was not kind, shower clouds kept darkening the sky but we took a short walk on the beach which was deserted except for some fishermen catching Kahawai and a few others strolling too.One photo shows son in front and DH catching up, another shows the amazing old pohutukawa trees - this one clinging horizontally in the cliff face. The roots making patterns as they are exposed by the elements.


Guðrún said...

Ummm strawberries, my favorite.

loulee1 said...

I'm jealous. I'd give anything to walk on an NZ beach right now. Though I'd settle for a picnic table on Caroline bay.

Molly said...

Stunning screnery down your way!

Molly said... carried away with my "rrrrs"....oops!

meggie said...

I have a few photos of that place on the Mt beach. Must look them out!
Mmmm strawberries... I love them.
My brother has been to stay at Hahei, & he liked it, but agreed it is a difficult place to access if the weather is inclement.

Diana said...

How great to have your son home after such a long time away. Have fun at your family party this weekend.

Suzi-k said...

wonderful photos, so glad to see you are getting a chance to take a break, enjoy every precious moment with your son.