Wednesday, June 18, 2008

16 Blocks Completed.

I spread the 16 blocks I've completed out on the floor to see how they look together.Generally it doesn't seem to matter which go by which, it still looks okay. No doubt I will experiment more before I sew them together, but that won't be till I have finished them all. ( going for queen bedsize ) So I am currently back cutting more strips.
In the second photo 4 blocks are laid near each other so the secondary patterns they make are obvious to see.
Now the 3rd photo is something that hasn't appeared on this blog before - knitting! I learnt to knit when I was 6 so have years of experience, but I just haven't had the need to knit in the last few years. So why now? Well it "fitted the bill," of very portable, a bit mindless, but would keep me busy, while sitting around for hours waiting at the hospital while DH had his operation. Actually I took 3 projects with me that day, some hand quilting, some of the above blocks to pin and the knitting bag, but never got past the knitting.. I am now on the 3rd prem size beanie ( very simple ), so will hand them in at the maternity hospital next time I make some little SANDS quilts to donate.
DH is making very good progress, he's better ( as in less pain and swelling ) every day. He only stayed in hospital( a fabulous new one ) till the following afternoon. Consequently I have had plenty to do, doing his jobs as well as mine and cooking him tasty things to eat - at no stage did he lose his appetite. We chose this time of the year for us as we don't have to be busy with the orchard. Gudrun we missed feeling an earthquake on Friday morning, as the new hospital must be so well built it doesn't move. DH was mad at missing it as he loves natural phenomena . I did feel another on Friday evening when I was home on my own so glad it was only a small one.!
Yesterday I began mowing up the 1000s of leaves but got rained on so only did half. Today is fine but there is a chill wind, so it must be Winter.
( note to new Spainish commentor - how do I put a translator on my blog ? - I might try if I knew how. I enjoyed your blog! ) Anyone else out there help with that???


meggie said...

Those little beanies look so cute.
I love to knit, & hadn't thought about those, for the prem babies.
Loving your quilt blocks.
Glad your DH's surgery went well, & everything is on track.

anne bebbington said...

This is looking lovely - somehow the overall effect reminds me of one of those childrens viewers that gives you a multiple view of something - a bit like an insect's compound eye. It has a jewel like quality, so many facets. Glad your husband's surgery went well

Andrea said...

Very interesting blocks - look really complicated. It will be a great quilt. Best wishes to your DH. I have been crocheting some little hats for an appeal. I will show photos soon.

loulee1 said...

The garden is looking fantastic as always.
Your quilt blocks match the garden nicely!
Good news abot your DH. You'll be able to send him out to do the garden again soon. ;-)

Guðrún said...

I am glad your DH is getting better and didn´t loose his appetite. I could live without feeling the earthquakes you may tell your DH that :) I like your blocks.

Diana said...

I love the way the blocks are looking together. I'm with Andrea--they look very complicated. Good to hear that your DH is getting better.

sMC said...

just catching up. HOpe your dh is recovering. Love your colours I could get you to pick fabrics out for me and I know I would love them.

Molly said...

I have a pattern for little hats just like those, to make for premies in hospitals here, but am ashamed to say I haven't tried one yet. Maybe you'll inspire me.....I wouldn't say I like natural phenomena so much that I'd be sad to miss feeling an earthquake, but when we lived in California we felt a few. It fills you with awe at the power of nature, and puts things in perspective!

Your quilt is looking great!

Anonymous said...

The more I see of these blocks the more patterns come out to me. They are amazing. I will have to give it a go sometime. I love your choice of colours also.
I like a bit of knitting in the winter. Just finished a jumper for my Grand-daughter and am presently knitting a pair of socks! Not worked on 4 needles for many many years but for some insane reason I just had to do it again.
I'm sorry I can't help with the interpreter thing I had the same request a few weeks back.

julieQ said...

Wonderful purple and green quilt top. Your beenies look so soft and comforting, as well as keeping much needed heart for the newborns. I hope your husband is healing very quickly!

Helen said...

The blocks look wonderful. I love green and purple.

Amy said...

I love the way the blocks are turning out. It's good to hear your husband is recovering well.