Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pattern for Beanie.

I've accomplished a few things in the last day or so. After much fannying about I updated my blog to the Classic version so I could use the new Blog List which shows when blogs were last updated . That might save me some time. I haven't completed entering all your blogs yet but will get there soon.
The photo shows the width of the ribbing for a prem baby beanie against the ruler ( 7.5 inches or 19 cms ) and also a pair of wee small booties. The instructions are very simple - here's the pattern.

Prem Baby Beanie.
Using 3 ply wool ( takes less than one 25gm ball ) cast on 85 stitches on size 2.25mm ( old 13 )needles.
K1 P1 rib for 4cms.
Change to size 3mm ( old 11 ).Stocking stitch for 6 cms. ( 10 cms from beginning ), ending with a purl ( wrong side ) row.
Next row: knit 2 together all along the row. Next row :purl. Next row: knit. Next row: purl.
Next row knit 2 together all along the row. Break wool long enough ( 35cms ) to thread through the remaining stitches and draw up firmly. Fasten gathered stitches and use the remaining end to sew up the seam. (the end from casting on can also be used to sew up.)
That's it. Will fit babe with about a 19cm head.
If you wish to make it slightly larger either begin with larger needles or start with more stitches. The basic shape will be the same.
Use Pure Wool for warmth!


meggie said...

What a good idea with the blog posts! Maybe I should try that, so I don't get so behind.
Those wee bootees are so cute. Beanies are so important to conserve body heat, aren't they.

Guðrún said...

They are so cute.

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, cute little booties! I also like the updated blogpost option -- wish I could do that with my links!

LC said...

My first visit here. Cute booties. I like your quilt posted a few days ago too. Very nice 'look' to it.

You might have to offer directions on how to do the blog posts! What a great idea!

I'll be back...

Molly said...