Thursday, December 18, 2008

Types of Christmas Tree.

This lovely big Pohutukawa ( NZ native Christmas tree ) is flowering by our driveway and is making the best display of several we have out at the moment. ( we have planted lots on the property over the years )

Christmas is not far away and I am trying to keep positive, but it's a bit hard. To say it will be very low key around here is an understatment. We are working long and hard in the orchard and there is lots to get done.

I am pleased with the quilted letters I have got completed for my banner but I doubt it will be ready for this Feastive Season - won't matter I'll just work on it during next year and make lots of letters.

I didn't know if we would bother with a Christmas tree this year but then persuaded R to help me find one ( or 3 ) today. (It is supposed to rain at the weekend so get it done in the fine before then.) We always try and cut a part of a shelter belt tree or similar but ended up this time with 3 branches pruned from a native Rimu in the garden,. ( it needed them off anyway ) Looking at the photo you can barely tell it is 3 branches tied together. It has ended up quite a reasonable shape and has a clean conifer type smell. I will try and get it decorated later tonight.

So we have a tree. I have made a cake. I sent all the cards and letters and the few parcels I do send. We are a very small family so not a lot is involved. We will probably be seeing one son and partner after Christmas some time and the other one is in London so that's a bit far to come.( so it's just us! )
We are having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night and have been sent a couple of other invitations to meals in the next week so that may cheer me up.
Loulee sent me a Christmas joke that made me smile so I thought I might tell a simple one too.
The teacher looked at all the drawings the children had made of a Christmas scene. Billy had drawn a manger and put Mary and Joseph beside baby Jesus. There were 3 wise men and some animals and shepherds all gathered about. To one side stood a very rotund man, that puzzled the teacher." Who is this person?" she asked.
" Oh, that's Round John Virgin, " said Billy
( you need to know the words to the carol Silent night, to get this joke.) I used to have an illustration to go with this but can't find it now.


MargaretR said...

Great minds think alike so they say Ali! I thought I'd check some of my blogs tonight and noticed you have just visited mine too. I had just started making letters for a hanging to write Happy Xmas in Welsh. I have been meaning to do this for Many years. they will hang from the mantlepiece if I finish in time (smile)

Isabelle said...

It's lovely to see greenery and growing things in the middle of (our) winter.

Molly said...

I've been feeling glum too as we won't have our children here for Christmas either......Round John Virgin cheered me right up though!

meggie said...

Ali, I get the joke, & love it, being of non religion!
I loved a little girl's comment- they had been to the Market, & her sister had bought cheeses for her dinner choice. The stallholer had given the little sister a bunch of the small Babybel Cheeses.
She explained to her mother "And I got the baby Jesus free!!" I love this story!!

Tracey Petersen said...

That John Virgin is a round fellow indeed!

andsewitis Holly said...

Love the letters. The joke is so cute! I'll have to remember that one. Have a wonderful low-key Christmas. Sometimes those are the best.

Guðrún said...

There is no need to finish everything before Christmas, there will come days after the holidays.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Happy Christmas Ali!

Hugs, Lynda