Thursday, January 05, 2012

Meet My New Working Companion.

Firstly Thank you Miche'le; Meg; Isabelle; Jennifer and Joolzmac for your comments. I can see that a phone that rings to remind one of appointments could be very reliable. ( providing you haven't left your phone somewhere ). Meg I think writing down your thoughts could be quite therapeutic. Everyone that blogs is keeping a diary of sorts aren't they? It is a good record of quilting progress for me.I think you have to be a record keeping kind of person to wish to do it. I am. I love lists and knowing where to find info.
 Sorry Miche'le and Farm Girl ( Nicky )that we are getting your share of the rain ...( Mother Nature please take note ). The wet has been hampering our fruit thinning and pruning progress.
I said I would introduce you to my new working companion. Cute isn't it?( the speakers make it look like it had a face, so maybe I shall name it ?)  What?  Tachi? ( as in Hitachi )( it has roll bars! )

This is a photo of the old ( very ) and the new . When I work in the kiwifruit fruit thinning or what ever we are currently doing, it is quite repetitive ( boring ) work so to  have a distraction ( companion ) is good. My poor old radio has had a "connection problem," for some time now and it wastes my time fiddling with it trying to coax it to go. Having complained frequently about this R picked up on the fact that to keep me working happily maybe a new radio for Christmas would be a good idea.So not mucking around he bought an extremely sturdy model. It runs on a BIG power tools battery ( that we already had ) and has 3 small back up batteries to keep the time and memory ( stations ) when it is turned off. It's much, much flasher and more multipurpose than the (15 plus ? ) year old  predecessor. It however not supposed to get wet so yesterday during the rain ( that sent me home after only 2 hours ) I had to devise a rain coat for it - made from the plastic bag it came in with a hole for the aerial.
 So far we are getting along very amicably....although it doesn't have within it's powers to improve the programmes I can receive.
 Why don't I just use an ipod like R ? Well, I prefer the radio and I don't like not being able to hear if vehicles ( tractors etc ) approach without me hearing them. I can also hear if somone calls out across the orchard looking for us.
Quilting; I have completed the selvage blocks and decided since I had lots of smaller strips of selvage left I would increase the size of the quilt by making piano key type borders for it. I am working all 4 strips at once and ironing as I go. I haven't yet sewn the blocks together - just in case I have a change of mind when I put it all together (size wise )

Thanks for your offer Molly but it isn't worth the postage it would cost - besides you may find a use for yours.


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, Ali....that is the radio to end all radios! It certainly does appear to have a face.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, that's a heavy duty looking radio! Funny -- I guess I'd never thought about the need for an ipod with speakers that's portable. We have a speaker to plug into but it's not very portable. Usually, when one is "out" people are around, so you don't want speakers. Apple needs to know about your needs. Our supply of Kiwis could depend on it LOL!

Isabelle said...

How nice to live somewhere so spacious that you wouldn't disturb the neighbours by having the radio on. Here, we would!