Sunday, January 08, 2012

One Fine day Does NOT a Summer Make.

Yes, I know it was a swallow.( not a fine day. )
 New Zealand has not had a good weekend. The Rena on Astrolabe reef has finally broken into 2 pieces and containers are lost into the sea. More debris and oil is expected to wash up along the BOP beaches in the next few hours.
 Equally as bad 11 people have died in a hot air balloon crash in Carterton.( making it one of our worst recent air crashes. )This happened in fine weather yesterday morning so I won't complain too loudly about our wet yukky weather.
The mist hung over us all day when not actually raining.
I went for a walk late this afternoon and saw the funniest thing.

Now you might not be able to make this out very easily but here in the damp a Wedding party is having photos taken standing in the long wet grass beside our neighbours' old shed.

 It is much photo graphed because it is old and rustic , but hardly the ideal place today.
 SO, How have I spent my weekend?

I am working on 4 border strips at once making piano keys using selvages.It is essential to press after each piece is added and to lay it flat against a line on the cutting mat to ensure that it is staying level. ( that's why 4 at once makes more sense - sew 4; press 4 )I also found holding it up to the light as I put in 2 pins per piece to make sure it was not too close to the raw edge of the previous piece.It is a long quite tedious process.
 I have cooked cheeses scones, fruit and nut cookies; leek and potato soup. I have talked on the phone to family in NZ and UK. I have read a great book. A very easy enjoyable read. "A Home-grown Cook," by Dame Alison Holst with Barbara Larsen.( her 100th book )( I own at least 5 of her 100 books )I have done the odd bit of house work as one must, played scrabble; watched TV and read lots of blogs.I have picked vege tables in the rain. ( we are currently eating cabbage, silverbeet, beans and courgettes. The yellow and red veg not quite ready. )
 ( the orchard work and garden work is becoming rather urgent but should be done in the fine. )unfortunately the weather forecast is not for fine tomorrow or the next day.......


By Hoki Quilts said...

Ali, my heart goes out to all the family members from the balloon accident, such a sad accident. Then the Rena, on the up side... a lot of oil was removed and many containers. I just hope not too much distruction is caused to the local beaches.
Now this rain stuff - kick it on down here will you? We are still soooo dry and I can't even water the plants as the tanks are low and we will probably be buying in water before long.
take care - Miche'le

Deb said...

Hate to say it Ali but your weekend sounds perfect.! Isn't it tragic about those poor people in the balloon, so very very sad. So hard to understand how these things happen.

joolzmac said...

The balloon accident is so very tragic and my thoughts and sympathies are with the family members left to wonder how things could go so horribly wrong. I don't know how you can ever recover from it. A sad day, indeed.


Jennifer said...

It hasn't been a good weekend for poor NZ - that dreadfully sad balloon accident, at least it was known that the Rena would probably break up. Love your misty weather!

Farm Girl said...

A sad weekend for NZ, and now the Rena news is not getting better....
It sounds like you made the most of the weekend despite the terrible weather - still waiting on you to send that rain though!