Sunday, July 06, 2014

Baby Quilt Finished.

I heaved a sigh of relief when I finished the baby quilt with a week to spare. I could do more quilting on it but decided not to as I like the softer snugly feel with just light quilting. I think it will wash well too.
 The middle panel had a background of lines of white dots which just said to me, " Join the dots - no marking needed."  So I did, but every second row of dots.
 The large flowers and hearts have indicated  my line of quilting.
 The backing fabric.
 Last night I started felt ball # 25. A friend's daughter is having a first baby this month and asked me to make a ball for her. She was a lovely young girl and although I haven't seen much of her for a few years I will be happy to make  ball for her baby.
 Ball # 24 is awaiting it's final motif. I am hoping to be able to put in the baby's initial but if a name hasn't been decided on I can't do that and will need to add one last picture before next weekend.
 Here are some of the motifs I have already put on Ball # 24.

 A leaping ( rainbow ) trout  was suggested as the parents do that sort of fishing.
 Yesterday I did a bit of foraging in the gardens. I picked some broccoli which had had a very checkered life. When I originally put the plants in caterpillars chewed them almost down to bare stalks. I didn't pull them out and gave them the benefit of the doubt and planted some more. When we had a storm all the plants got knocked sideways and needed firming back into the ground. Finally now they are rewarding me with lovely fresh broccoli heads and I can see where they are going to have side shoots/ heads. Yams have to be one of my all time favourites. Many a very small and will end up in soup. But the ones we ate last night were good so never mind the size. R has a whole row of parsnips that are doing very well( not my favourites ).
 I also picked these dark red Cymbidium orchids for on the sideboard. My late Dad originally grew the plants and they have been out in the open in my garden for the past 14 years. He would be thrilled to think they were doing quite well for me.

 We are really really hoping this computer is finally fixed. Yesterday the Nerd had to return with a new wireless router. The repair bill is going to be quite substantial considering it was a new  hard drive with Windows 8.1  just 7 months ago. Still we have to have a reliable computer system as we use it more and more for orchard business purposes, banking , newspaper reading and hobby interests. We like many others have become quite dependant on it's services. Fingers crossed.

 Hope your weekend is going well. We are blessed with lovely Winter sunshine today!


Elizabeth said...

Very nice quilt, but, I do love the felted ball. You need to produce a pattern!!!!!. Love your orchid. I have the very same one in my garden that was given to my late parents' on their 40th wedding anniversary(27 years ago). Computers are great when working aren't they, but when they're not they're not. !!!!!!.Fingers crossed for you

Janice said...

The quilt has turned out beautifully. I can't believe that you keep coming up with new motifs for the balls. They look too good to play with. I must say that I love the orchids. The colour is stunning. A lovely legacy from your Dad.

Jennifer said...

Love the baby panel! Your new ball is so pretty, and obviously appreciated. What a gorgeous late MIL could grow beautiful orchids, but I am the kiss of death for them, it seems. Fortunately my husband's sister took the orchids when the time came!

Diane-crewe said...

good work ... you seem to be surrounded with beautiful colours this week x

julieQ said...

Very pretty baby quilt!! And your garden forage seems so yummy!

Molly said...

Your felt balls get better and better Ali! These ones are gorgeous...Love the orchids too.