Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Packaged Ready to Give.

Knowing how to package ( wrap ) a ball is not easy so a gift carry bag works well.

 Here is felt Embroidered Ball # 25 for Ella who lives in Rotorua all ready for her Grandma to collect and deliver to the wee baby girl. I am now taking a spell from making these and concentrating on finishing a baby quit.
 This was # 25 I have made. I ended up doing several new motifs for this ball.
 The family have a boxer dog so here is a boxer puppy. I was not happy with how I did the white bits so will cut separate white felt feet if I make that again.
 The pink pig was a new motif,
 As was the NZ fantail.
 You can see some motifs take a lot more stitching than others.
The black cat has been done before sometimes it is a grey at. I haven't tried a marmalade one because I haven't got felt in the correct colour and a bright orange cat would look a bit strange.
 The frog was not new.
 The ice cream cone had a longer cone this time.
 Thank you for your comments recently. It is difficult to say what you mean ( about felt embroidered balls )  without it sounding somewhat vulgar I agree. I try to choose my words carefully.

 I have been enjoying watching the Commonwealth games very much. There have been some remarkable performances. NZ does pretty well for a country with less the 5 million.  I applaud them all for their dedication to their respective sports.   Go Kiwis !


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Oh is there more sport on? Sigh! :D Lovely balls and keep up the double entendres! :D

Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

That fantail is gorgeous! I want one for me now. Drat.

Jennifer said...

Ali, that is a wonderful ball! I'll let you have the sport, I'll stick with music.

Diane-crewe said...

go for a bag every time I say xx The Games have been wonderful .. and so has the weather xx LOVE them xx

shirley flavell said...

Love the felt balls. Such a lot of work in them. No. 25! indeed you deserve a rest from them.You seem to be always busy making something and it's lovely to see when you give us pictures of them Shirley N.Z.

Meggie said...

Ali, I love that wonderful ball!
I have missed my blogging and my blog friends.

Isabelle said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I'm disturbed, however, that you have daffodils. That suggests that you're pulling summer towards you.. and winter towards us. Not so good...