Friday, December 19, 2014

New Zealand Christmas Tree.

 The New Zealand Christmas tree, Maori and common name Pohutukawa. Botanical Name Metrosideros excelsa, flowers in December and this year this one is late, but  that's good because it is flowering right near Christmas.
 We have many on our property. This one is beside the driveway into our house so gets noticed daily.
 Others further down the drive flower a little later so we have Christmas trees for some weeks. Heavy recent rain hasn't damaged this one ( yet ...more rain coming )
 There is a close up of the flower at the top of my right hand side bar.
 There are also yellow flowered varieties ( not nearly as impressive ). The Pohutukawa is related to Rata and Feijoas.

 Here's some of the heavy recent rain. It trashed the garden a bit but now everything is growing good for our fruit crops.


Jennifer said...

Pohutukawas are glorious......and I can pronounce it, too!

Mary said...

Hi Ali, sorry I've been missing, such a busy time of year! With company visiting from California, a wedding after Christmas (granddaughter), prep for Christmas, health issues requiring far too many doctor visits (I dislike getting old!), music concerts and driving lessons (another granddaughter), there's no spare time lately just to sit quietly and keep up with blog friends.

I love those beautiful trees - I knew there was lots of rain as I've been reading your posts, (and those Calif. friends were just in NZ on a cruise and experienced some wet days ashore). Hope the weather improves and the crops do well.
Best wishes to you and your family for a beautiful Christmas .
Hugs - Mary