Saturday, December 13, 2014

Where the Wild Flowers Are.

3 months ago I posted about making a small wild flower patch.
 It is now flowering quite well.The Cosmos are the dominant ones at the moment, along with blue cornflowers, white alyssum  and a few Californian poppies.
 The red ( soldier )poppies are in bud.
 Some of the cosmos are rather nice.
 The few eschscholtzia ( Californian poppies ) are already setting long seed pods so if I leave them I may get some more plants. The cosmos though should be dead headed,
if I want them to keep flowering. There are some weeds but not too visible. I think if I pull them the flower plants will be more at danger when it's windy as it has been so often lately.
The little patch of wild flowers, used to be an extra vege patch but Peter Rabbit and others ate there too often, so I changed it's use . It  is beside the track that leads down from the house to some of the kiwifruit blocks and R's walled vegetable garden. His garden  is doing quite well. The shade cloth wall keep pests out and certainly helps protect against all the wind.

Tomatoes on the right ; then peas and Spring onions. To the left is a parch of sweet corn.

The bee hives have all gone from the Kiwifruit blocks back with the bee keeper. They have done a good job pollinating  The flowers. This photo is a week ago when there was still a few flowers out between the small fruit already set.

 The bumblebee hives ( we purchased so they are our till the bees die ) have been moved one into R's veg patch one up into the flower garden near herbs and the other veg garden ( as well as flowers ).

Patchwork and Quilting for me has been non existent lately as I spend time in the garden and orchard. Yesterday was the last meeting for this year of our Tauranga Group. More than 30 ladies turned out for our shared lunch and  party games.( like every other quilting group everywhere at this time of the year ! )


Jennifer said...

Yes....we're all in Christmas party-break up mode now! Such pretty flowers, I love those California poppies, they are so vibrant and cheerful.

Abbie DuFrayne said...

Gorgeous garden!