Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Good Read.

In the BOP we are experiencing a spell of hot humid weather. For us that means long days as we try to get up early and get some work done before it gets too hot, then also working the other end of the day after sunset. Lots of gardening and watering and vege picking. Lots of fruit thinning in the kiwifruit and not much of interest on TV to watch, so stretching out with a book that is an enthralling read is the best relaxation at the moment.
 I hadn't come across this Australian author before but will look out for some of her  other 5 books listed in the front of this one.
 It is a novel but based on historical fact and set in 2 times WW2 and the year 2000, both in Russia. It highlights what a madman Stalin was and how the Russian people suffered at the hands of their own let alone the enemy. I would recommend this book.
 The one  programme ( now finished ) that I have  been following on TV over it's 6 episodes was ANZAC Girls. Really showed those women's heroism and the folly and waste of war.
 Ironing the lawn!
 This picture illustrates how hot it has been. One day we had some visitors call in and because  there were vehicles everywhere I parked  my tractor, with the metal bucket on the back, here on the front lawn. I left it there over lunch time and the heat of the mid day sun turned the bucket into a rectangular iron which scored the grass . OOps!

Despite the heat some flowers in the garden are still looking good. I now have yellow featuring in my wild flower patch. I think they are coreopsis.

 In other parts of the garden I took these.
 Echinacea Tomato Soup.

 Dark purple almost black petunia.
 One of several yellow gerbras.


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I've set myself a reading challenge on good books, 52 books this year. So far I'm on track with 2 down and started the 3rd yesterday. I have read a few historical novels recently, mainly ones by Deborah Challinor, you'll know of her she's and NZ author. I got a bit of an NZ history lesson at the same time. Your garden is looking colourful, I'm enjoying the colour in ours too, not too bad considering we've really only be putting colour in in the last two years.
We watched Anzac Girls too, what a great series, I wonder if there's a book. We've got Crimson Fields saved on MySky, a UK series, I think, of the same thing.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That would be Good reads!! ;-D

Jennifer said...

Such pretty flowers! Fancy ironing the lawn......I think I may have read a book by this author, but can't remember the name. I know I enjoyed it.

Bubble said...

Gorgeous pictures of the flowers xx

Marlene said...

Loved that book. All of Belinda Alexandras books are a good read-have enjoyed them all. Would also agree with Sue on Deborah Challinor. Loving the garden photos.