Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quilt Progress.

 Drizzly rain ( not nearly enough ) on Monday early so I got sewing time. I now have got the outside row of  little squares on and am ready to add white borders.
Today is the day the  old back door  is out  and the new door is being put in. So far so good I think. 
( Lots of banging, sawing, chiselling and mess ) Of course it is not straight forward  but R and the builder bloke are nutting it out . Photos when complete.
 I had a lovely time at my friend's birthday dinner, last Thursady. Under the table where I was sitting was Guide dog  Charlie.
 Seen here looking out to memorial Park, when he went for some air.
He is on holiday with his "foster parents," as his blind Dad and Mum ( not blind )  are away in Wellington at a Bowls Tournament. By coincidence I happen to know both his parents and have worked with his Dad when he was still partially sighted. He was strapping kiwifruit pallets then, in a packhouse where I used to audit.  His Mum was on the Office staff at Zespri when I was there as field staff. They own and work a Kiwifruit Orchard and he is able to do a surprising amount of kiwifruit work just by feel. They also pack their Kiwifruit at the same packhouse we do and as it happens I will be seeing them soon. I will be able to report that Charlie was quite happy and very, very well behaved when he went out to Dinner. His blind Dad also sails.
 Photo, Memorial Park  in Tauranga at dusk. 


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

That quilt is stunning, great job :D
Charlies dad's ability is clearly stronger than his disability x

Sew Quilt Designs said...

Nice story and love the quilt :)

Jennifer said...

Ali, your quilt is gorgeous! Charlie is probably his dad's best friend - yes?

Raewyn said...

Your quilt top is looking great! Nice to hear the story about Charlie.

Isabelle said...

Your quilt is absolutely LOVELY.