Thursday, March 05, 2015

Red Sky.

This was the sky on Tuesday evening. If the saying is correct we obviously need to see the sky this colour in the morning to get any meaningful rain. 1.25 mls doesn't do it! 
 It made it damp enough that we went to the shed and shelled walnuts ( from last year...still not all shelled, tut tut. ) We needed some for in a gift basket we are making up to take to a Birthday party for a 90 year old on Saturday. For that we are travelling to South Taranaki, on Friday.
 Some things are finished or almost. My quilt shown in the previous post got a 5" plain white border added all round. I decided not to add a final border of the little coloured squares even though I had some ready. The plain white strip seemed to calm the whole quilt down ( as it is very bright and busy in my opinion ). It is going off to get quilted next week by Sandra at Wiseowl Quilting. She has a computerised long arm and does fabulous quilting.

 Also almost finished is the back door.
 It has to have the trim stained to match.
 We had the door man back to fix a few problems. The door is now shutting and staying shut although the handles are wobbly. I think the next step is to take them off and put glue under them and put them back on. 
 I am amazed at hot much there is to replacing a door. Days and days of work!
 The sound of the door closing is very different and will in time become familiar.
 I have been planting some new bulbs. The colour of those dark reds is amazing.

 In the orchard we have been battling on. The passion vine hoppers are still present despite my efforts with the hand held vacuum. I do not remember ever having so many fruit ruined with sooty mould. It is such a waste just throwing them on the ground ( yes, it is the only option available to us ).
 Tonight we are going out to the pack house dinner then tomorrow travelling down South so I think a few days diversion will do us both good.
 I will report back next week.


Elizabeth said...

Love your front door. I agree Sandra does amazing quilting. I highly recommend her.

notHamilton said...

You've called it the front door - yet it's always the first doorway I walk through when visiting!