Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Knitting, Digging and Gift.

While the electrician was here yesterday I cast on the stitches for this wee V necked cardigan. I am using Amuri (made in NZ ) 75% merino 25% possum in 4 ply. It is so soft and luxurious, but will need to be hand washed.
 So far I have made good progress.
 Yesterday was also a day for several unexpected visitors. My cousin  J came to visit and gave me a lovely late Birthday gift. It is a fabulous scarf made by Barbara Wilson ( Hand Weaving specialist )at the Mt.
 A close up. Here it looks quite pink but is actually red. I am going to get lots of wear out of it and it is soft around the neck, so great for me. ( I don't like itchy ) 

 2 days ago we had this Dingo in to lay a new  a water pipe line.
 A real boys' toy.
 It also had a small blade that fills it in again.
 R then tidied up with our tractor and the job was done.

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Sew Quilt Designs said...

I've used that wool and like you I love it...Can't beat NZ wools :)