Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maybe Spring is not Far Away?

2 beautiful, clear blue sky days. Yesterday I had to be inside at a meeting but today I both sat and sewed in the sun for half an hour and also walked in the sun. Quite a privilege.
 I just spotted that the new Daphne I got with a gift voucher from my young ones is going to flower, even though it is quite tiny.
 Also happy soaking up the sun are some wee violas friends arrived with last week. I planted them out where they would get nearly full sun to give them the best chance.Cute faces!
 The Quilting is done and this means......
 The binding is half sewn on. I need hand stitching to take with me to P & Q tomorrow so I put half the binding on. The rest is cut ready.
 While sitting in the sun I hand stitched down a trial corner to see how I liked it. I do.

 This wee cardigan and beanie got finished. I like it too and it's lovely and soft.
 I have now started a Debbie Bliss striped jersey in a bigger size.

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Jennifer said...

What a cute little cardy and beanie - love the colour! You must have a very green thumb because your plants always seem to flower well. The quilt has turned out so well, its new little owner will love it.