Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Knitting and Sewing Binding.

The Little striped jersey from Debbie Bliss's book Ecobaby turned out really well. The pattern was for cotton but I used  NZ merino wool for the darker stripe and Merino/ Alpaca/ Possum for the other.
 The back. It is in the 9 - 12 month size. At the bottom it is a garter stitch band with splits at the side rather than ribbing.

Last Thursday I got my quilt back from being custom quilted by Sandra at Wise Owl Quilting.
 I am now sewing down the binding. I have got it attached almost all the way round and have passed half way with the hand stitching. You will see I decided to use multi fabric strips of several of the fabrics that were used in the flowers and leaves. It looks just right, so good choice. Moving from fabric to fabric makes me think I am making really rapid progress. It also means I am not favouring any one fabric or colour.
 The quilting along the borders is a continuous twisting vine which fits with theme of the quilt.
 This quilt was started at Symposium in Taupo so it will be good to have it finished. For those of you who have made this pattern you will see I did not do the very busy outside borders but opted for the plain white.
 My little lemon tree that grows in the flower border is doing well and has lots of ripe lemons.

 This Japonica called Allison given to me many years ago by my late MIL because of it's name is looking bright .
Hellebores ( or Winter roses ) have always been a favourite of mine such pretty faces. Here they are flowering in between Bergenia also with pink flowers.
 In the garden I have been pruning roses and hydrangeas.


Jennifer said...

Your garden is looking pretty! Love the little jumper - very sweet - and your quilt has turned out beautifully. The quilting compliments it very well.

Deb said...

Ali, that little jumper is adorable, someone is going to be very snuggly and warm. Your garden is looking beautiful as ever. I am not at all surprised to see all of the lemons on your tree, there seems to be a real glut of them everywhere. I am planning on a big lemon honey cook up in the next couple of weeks. I hate to see them wasted.

Diane-crewe said...

what a lovely colourful post xx love the little jumper .. it came out really well x

Mary said...

The little sweater turned out beautifully - great job Ali. With the cooler weather ahead, please come soon, I shall be getting my knitting out.

Your very own lemon tree! How fabulous. I adore lemons and all we can use them for - aways keep a bag of them on hand. Currently utilizing their peel, grated, and juice, for the fig preserves I'm making. My two trees are literally dripping with figs, Bob picks every day before the birds and squirrels get too many. I'm just about finished now though, too much jam even though gifting everyone with numerous pots, so will enjoy the fresh picked ones and make a few recipes, then the wildlife can help themselves until the trees are done for this year.

Happy week my dear - love it when I see your post pop up!
Hugs- Mary