Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend in Auckland

We have just spent a pleasant weekend with our young ones in Auckland. The weather was warm and bright. We had visits to the Auckland Museum where we each wanted to see different things so split up and did a floor each.
 I took photos of these things I liked.
 Wow what a colour that glaze is.
 This Giant Ammonite is 145 million years old. An amateur palaeontologist found it at Taharoa (  South of Kawhia ) on the West Coast of the North Island in 1977. It took 3 days to dig out and a year to glue back together. It weighs 800 kilos! 

 Children had drawn these butterflies with felt pen on acetate and displayed with the light behind them made a stained glass window. I later saw a bird one.
 The daffodils were out in Cornwall Park when we walked around One Tree Hill.
 This display had polyanthus,  primulas , cinererias below the magnolia stellatas.
We walked passed this  meeting of owners of Newfoundland dogs ! 
 There were 10 or 12.
 The bays along the Waitemata Harbour were picturesque.

 Volcanic Browns Island( Motukorea )

 Finally I don't think I have ever had a more interestingly displayed breakfast as this. The Nest at L'Oeuf Cafe ( Mt Albert ) 
 2 soft boiled eggs crusted with sunflower seed in a spun filo nest on a bed of beetroot ketchup feta and mesclun. ( with an avocado side. ) Always like to try avos when on a menu. The coffee was good too.
 The others had meals called The Hunter and the Architect.

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Jennifer said...

What an interesting meal - and it looks tasty too! We went to One Tree Hill when the tree was still there, we have photographic proof.