Wednesday, October 21, 2015

First Meeting.

 I (We ) have been spending a couple of days meeting my new Grandson. He has a good strong grasp. He looks a lot like his Daddy and his Uncle at the same age. He has his Mummy's chin and I am hoping her beautiful dark wavy hair.
 He is having some feeding problems but has managed to gain a little weight.
 Here he is having his first big sleepy cuddle in my arms.
 What a little darling!
 I wonder what lies ahead for him in this rapidly changing world?
  He has very devoted  and capable parents and  a loving wider family who will all be looking out for his welfare.
Be prepared for many more post about his adventures.

 As well as a new Grandson I have a new toy ? appliance ? distraction? time saver ?......
 My first mobile phone ( stop laughing ). It's a smart phone. It's owner is not, but endeavouring to be.
 My typing on the computer is about maximum of 4 fingers ( cause I never learned at school) ( we had to do languages instead - I know which would have been more useful as it turns out! ) my texting hilariously clumsy. The word practise springs to mind.

 So there is quite a bit new and different in my life, and certainly lots to look forward to.
 Out in the orchard Spring winds have been blowing and we have some damage to the  new growth on the kiwifruit vines - it happens about this time almost every year. So we are not stressing. There is plenty of work for us to be getting on with.


Joolz said...

Your little grandy is gorgeous! Lots of cuddles to come, I reckon!
You won't know yourself with your phone once you get the hang of it. So many
things that they can do for you. Typing is one skill I learned in high school and I've been using it ever since I left school at 16. You could probably find a tutorial on line which may help you familiarise yourself more with the keyboard and which fingers to use.
I can always tell if actors in movies really know how to type, by watching them and if they don't use their thumbs on the space bar, they don't know how to touch type, their bluffing!

Cheers - Joolz xx

molly said...

Ohh! What a sweet little fellow!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how exciting -- he's just beautiful! There's nothing in the whole world like a new little baby. And look at all his pretty hair! And good luck with the phone -- mine has become a lifeline for sending messages to coordinate parent care schedules, etc. -- so much easier and quicker than actual phone calls!

Mary said...

Oh what a little cuddly looking darling boy. Even if the kiwifruits are stressed I'm sure all is well around the home front with such a blessing to spend time with.

Hi-tech is always hard isn't it dear - we just don't have the skills of the younger set such as kids and grandkids (and next year I'll be blessed with my first great-grand!). It takes time but Im sure you'll get a grasp of those smartphone technicalities. Saying that I realize I still am not good with mine which I've had for quite a few years! Oh well, we do our best, but patience is hard to come by these days!

Just home from France and Spain and, quite honestly, when I look at the garden and house, and all that needs attention, I really wish I was still over there LOL!

Stay well and be happy - hugs, Mary

Pauline said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've enjoyed visiting you and am envious of that precious little grandson. I do so wish there was another on my horizon. Good luck with your new phone. Mine is so old, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to cope with a modern one.

Sew Quilt Designs said...

He's gorgeous with all that lovely dark hair :)

Françoise said...

What a beautiful little one! Congratulations!!