Monday, March 06, 2017

May Contain Vegetables.

Whatever size of tomato you prefer we probably have grown this year.
 We really, really love growing our own fruit and veges and nuts but it involves lots of work.
 Having grown them we hate to waste any so spend hours eating them, freezing them, processing them or giving them away.
 For those of you who also grew  vege plants from the New World free seeds  last year the wee tomatoes at the top came from those seeds ( planted back at the end of October ).
 R's  large tomato in the pic weighed 608 grams . Beefsteak or Bigbeef. It is a very fleshy tom and not too many seeds. We do have medium sized ( normal ) ones as well.
Last evening's dinner plate. Every veg on it we grew.
 Beans ; corncob; egg plant; potato; courgettes green and yellow and tomatoes.
 R BBQ-ed steaks and sausages but I didn't really have space on my plate or in my stomach.
 Tomatoes are easy to make into various sauces, pastes, soupsand  juice which then freeze well... Cucumbers and courgettes less so. For them it has to be soup or pickle or loaves.
 Apparently cucumbers cook okay in curries?? Must try it.

 Elsewhere in the flower garden I am having an ongoing  battle with rabbits eating my young plants. Some newly planted seedlings totally disappeared as did my young cress seedlings. We have seen various sizes of rabbits but shooting them is proving difficult. But I am on the War path.( and covering small things with netting.)


Mary said...

I'm roasting plum tomatoes today - they're from the grocery but still perhaps the best during the winter months until I can get my hot little hands on fresh picked locals! I add to soups - roasted red pepper and tomato, and tomato basil being our favorites - or make sauce for pasta, or add to ratatouille which I posted on recently!

Your veggie plate looks awesome - my kind of meal as I don't eat meat!

Happy week Ali.
Mary -

Pam said...

Goodness me, shooting them! That's very stern...

I'm sorry to say that I don't like any kind of tomatoes, though cooked in sauces they're ok. It's a pity, since we all know about the healthiness of Mediterranean diets.

In answer to your question on my blog, I think the books are ours, left over from our children's childhood (we still have LOTS of children's books). Well, they're ours now!

molly said...

So you'd shoot that cute little bunny I met in the garden a few days ago? Come to think of it, I might not find him quite so cute when/if he starts in on our radish and cucumber seedlings!

Diane-crewe said...

so wonderful to have your own veg for dinner .. you know exactly where it has been xx lol x... and good of you to "share" with the local wildlife x