Thursday, September 14, 2017

Quilts ,Garden and Orchard.

What a slack blogger I have been these past few weeks. The good news is I finished my Sew Many Flowers ( hexagon ) quilt in time to take for show and tell at Patchwork last Friday.  As yet I don't have a photo of it hanging so will wait to show you that. It is labelled too.
 Here are some other quilts that I liked. We had so much show and tell ( everybody finishing things in time for our Exhibition soon ) that these photos are of quilts just draped in piles .
 Lovely colours in a simple quilt as you go, strip quilt.
 More lovely colours.
 This is the bottom 2 rows of Shirley T's row by row quilt. She swapped the suggested ordinary houses for fairy houses as her Grand daughter wanted pink and mauve and purple and fairies and unicorns on her quilt.

 I really liked Denise's wall hanging. Only small but very modern.

 This morning I helped R finish putting the netting on my (2nd ) new strawberry frame. So Hopefully that will mean lots of berries for us and Grandson in the Summer months.

 For the last 2 weeks I have been back working on the kiwifruit vines every afternoon. I have been rained off several times - our weather has been so wet. I shouldn't complain I guess - Makes me think of you Molly. I really hope you don't come back ( to Florida  ) to find too much damage on your property.

 I am thrilled with these.  Not many ready yet,  but lots of flowers coming on.


Chookyblue...... said...

Great to have a finish...... Your strawberry frame looks great.....

kiwikid said...

Some beautiful quilts there, good luck with the strawberries, we have broad beans at the same stage of growth.