Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wall Hangings and Quilts.

 Sandra's stained glass dragonflies were fabulous.
 Very cleverly done . Dorothy's turtle had a 3D flipper out the front.
 This cityscape is the same pattern as the blue one in the last post. The different colour way makes an amazing difference. I liked the pattern!
Jenni did this in felt.
Julie's Lighthouses.
D and J sitting at the entrance table taking the money ( only $3 each ). I spent many hours over the weekend sitting here.

 Our Baby Sales table was overflowing with articles made by the members. Some lovely knitting and toys and sewing- feeders and wipes  and blankets and small quilts.
 My quilt was in a favourable place clearly visible from the tea tables at the end of a line.

 On the next post I will show the Challenge results.

The Baltimore to the Bay was made by our last year's Committee. Each members designed a block. It was just a starting point ;many ladies changed elements in it to make a point of difference.


kiwikid said...

More beautiful quilts, love the dragonflies and turtles.

Charlotte Scott said...

Thanks for sharing Ali, beautiful quilts.