Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Moving Right Along.

Yesterday  morning we spent an hour at our lawyers signing documents. At 4.45pm we went unconditional on the ( only ) property we wanted to buy.
The lawyers were holding us up trying to straighten out   some minutiae. We could see we were going to miss our 5 pm deadline so were stressing to the max. We asked in writing  ( email ) for them to send the money across to the seller's lawyer. We know the sellers as yet have nowhere to go and we did not want to give them the chance to call the whole thing off.
 It was a huge relief just before 5 to hear the money arrived and we were now committed to guying the property. Phew!
 Our new place which we will shift to in the first few days of next month  is only 2 kilometres away from here. It has a very large garden with lots of fruit trees and a little jetty at the bottom of the last part of sloping lawn. As soon as we get there I will show you lots of photos.
 Meanwhile I have been packing smaller fiddly things. Grandson ( now 2 years 8 months old ) will feel reassured that ALL the wooden vehicles are moving with us. Along with all the other toys and books. I bought 6 large Sistema plastic tubs for my fabric stash. That was the first thing I packed.There is of course lots of equipment and books as well in my sewing cupboard.

 My lovely Daphne bush has decided to flower now so I get to see it and I have picked some for the kitchen window sill.

 It will of course be staying put as will the waterlily bowl beside it. It has a crack that would not let it be transported without destroying itself.
 I will miss my garden very much but can look forward to seeing what comes up in the new one and then making some changes there. I know we will be enlarging the vegetable patch ( but at least it has one established ).

 The carpet got finished!

 Meanwhile I have had a birthday ( 7th ) and a nasty throat and cough which lasted 2 weeks went away then the cough came back and is still with me.
 Today R had a medical appointment so I went along and walked in the sunshine. Good thinking as it is now raining. I am sure 45 minutes Vit D must have helped. I am consuming  Vit C at an excessive rate and trying to get plenty of rest.....that part not working quite so well. Stress may have something to do with it too.
 Never mind things are moving along now and we are looking forward to our retirement.
 ( Will I still want to call this blog, The Quilting Orchardist? )


Digitalgran said...

The blog won't be the same if you change the name! I shall still think of you each time I eat a Kiwi fruit. You deserve to retire after working so hard for 40 years and it has been very interesting reading about all that goes on there. I look forward to hearing about all you do when you arrive at your new property. I've missed reading all my blogs over the last 3 or 4 years.

LA Paylor said...

hopefully we'll be moving tomorrow! Glad to read your purchase went well
LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Mystic Quilter said...

So pleased that you have the house you want. Stress can cause mighty problems so I hope that now some of the pressure is off you can recover quickly. Pity about your daphne bush, I always look forward to the flowering, that incredible perfume. Mine have the buds but I should say a couple of weeks off flowering. It's always exciting to see what treasures appear when you take ownership of a new place, hope there are lots of surprises for you.

Chookyblue...... said...

Keep your name....... Goodluck with the move....

loulee said...

I wish you a safe move and many years of happiness and sewing in your new home.

Diane-crewe said...

SOOO glad it all worked out in the end xx Next adventure about to start xx

Pam said...

Goodness me, I've missed a lot! Hope your arm has recovered and - oh, how exciting to move to a new home! Retirement is... not restful, in my experience, but different. Many congratulations!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks everyone That's encouraging