Sunday, June 16, 2019

I've finished a Few Things.

Feeling yukky with a cold has kept me indoors far more than usual.
 Although moving at a slow pace with not much energy I have finished making 5 of the padded fabric coat hangers for our Exhibition Sales Table. 

I have used up all the scraps of batting I had so 5 it will be. I have continued in 30 minute sessions cutting fabric squares to make into charm packs. I still have many scraps to go but will keep at it.( I can remember when first starting quilting buying some charm packs to get a greater range of fabrics )

 I finished reading one book and started another. My current read is a true story and I'm finding it so interesting. "The Necklace," by Cheryl Jarvis. I will be passing this one on to my lady friends when I've finished it.

 I'm feeling on the mend today but will need to take care ( and warm clothes ) as temperatures are forecast to drop. Later tomorrow we are travelling down to Taupo ( its way colder than here ) to my Uncle Frank's Funeral early Tuesday morning. He was in his 102 year so had a wonderful innings. I remember blogging about his 100th birthday party 2 years ago. He is my last close relative  of my parents' generation.( my Dad's younger brother ) 

 Taken from upstairs out the bedroom window the cherry tree colours are a delight on the tree. Not so much when I have to pick them up. Most can be mowed up but hundreds find the way into corners and onto gardens. They are great in the compost!

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Janice said...

The coat hangers will be great on the trading table, as will the charm squares. I need to pad some hangers with my batting scraps so Mum can knit or crochet some covers. Your cherry tree does look lovely. Enjoy it while it lasts. Your Uncle Frank did have a good innings. My Dad’s baby sister just turned 90. I still have 3 aunts, the eldest living one is now 99. He was one of 9 and the youngest to die was 88. Not bad. Keep warm for your day in Taupo.