Sunday, June 09, 2019

Some Bright Spots in the Winter Garden..

This Cineraria is currently on one of the outside tables where I can see it out the window.
These Spider lilies are nearby. Bulbs saved from my childhood garden ( still with me. ) 
The Zygocactus is flowering. ( Christmas cactus in the Northern hemisphere. )
 Just to prove I have other colours. This new Vireya called  Just Peachy is happily flowering at the front gate.

 With so many Cherry trees we also have leaves....far too many leaves. I spent several hours cleaning them up from the corners and nooks and crannies.
 R mowed up the ones on the big lawns. Today was the first afternoon I felt warm enough to garden for about a week.
 During all the rain I picked these as they were getting trashed.
 Still don't know what rose it is for sure. 

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Janice said...

It’s so nice to see some colour in your garden. Thanks for sharing. Our rose has long finished flowering, but others in the area have a few blooms hanging on. We have a couple of zygocactus that are starting to flower. A very pale pink and a deeper pink. They are such a lovely flower. I feel tempted to buy some more but will be restrained.